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the road of a vegetable chicken

5-3 Sword refers to Offer21 Adjust the order of the array so that the odd number is in front of the even number and still happy to fill the hole~ Comes with a simple exchange method Java force button brushing notes

Article Directory0. Write in frontLC912 sorted array1. Reading questions2. Problem solving ideas3. Code logic4.Java code0. Write in frontIt's shameful. . After seeing the first question, I have a complete idea and write code independently and make mistakes and then AC questions. But let’s commemorate it~ Keep working hard! ! LC912

image processing

[Image recognition] ID card number recognition matlab source code

Introduction:This article mainly introduces several gray-based image matching algorithms: average absolute difference algorithm ( MAD ), absolute error sum algorithm ( SAD ), error sum of squares algorithm ( SSD ), average error sum of squares algorithm ( MSD ), normalized product Related algorithm ( NCC ), sequential similarity detection algorithm ( SDA ), hadamard transform algorithm ( SATD ). Let's explain them


Mybatis articles-(nine) the initial understanding of the working principle of Mybatis (illustration)

Nine, Mybatis- working principlemybatis hierarchy diagram sqlSessionFactory objectEach information of the parsed file is stored in the Configuration, and the DefaultSqlSession containing the Configuration is returned; Note: [MappedStatement]: Represents the detailed information of an addition, deletion, and modification Get the sqlSession objectReturn a DefaultSQlSession object, including Executor and Configuration; this


mybatis--project structure

mybatis--project structuretable of Contents1 Basic support layer2 core processing layerConfiguration analysisSQL parsingSQL executionPlug-in layer3 Interface layer4 Other packagesJDBC moduleLang moduletable of Contents The overall architecture of mybatis is divided into three layers: basic support layer, core processing layer, structural layer Basic support layer moduleCorresponding packageReflection modulereflectionType conversion moduletypeLog moduleloggingResource loading