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SpringBoot integrates Mysql, Mybatis, and Mybatis-Plus to realize addition, deletion, modification and checking

The previous article " Getting Started with SpringBoot-Getting Started with SpringBoot " I. IntroductionMybatis: data persistence frameworkMybatis-Plus: Mybatis has been enhanced, it encapsulates the basic addition, deletion, modification, and checking operations, so that we don't need to write a lot of repetitive code, which greatly liberates productivity!Two, create a project After


This time someone finally explained the MySQL master-slave replication process! ! !

Article DirectoryArticle IntroductionModel advantageRealization principleCommon patternConfiguration processmaster operationslave operationEnable master-slave replicationDisconnect master-slave replicationReset master-slave replication informationEffect demonstrationSync modeSynchronization mode classificationAsynchronous synchronous modeSemi-synchronous modeSemi-synchronous implementation processSummary of semi-synchronization issuesSemi-synchronous consistencyComparison of the twoGTID synchronizationWhat is GTID synchronizationGTID componentsConfiguration processArticle summaryArticle IntroductionMany articles on MySQL master-slave replication on the Internet explain how


Java multithreading study notes (2)-"Two methods of establishing threads (Thread class and Runnable interface)"

Build in Java threads are actually three methods: 继承Thread类, 实现Runnable接口and 实现Callable接口, just before the first discussion thread here two options to create methods.One, inherit the Thread class to create a threadJava encapsulates the functions required by the thread through the Thread class; if you want to create a thread,


[Java notes] character stream, Properties, serialization, print stream

Character stream Character stream = byte stream + encodingpackage demo04; import; import; import; import java.util.Arrays; //字符流,中文操作更方便 public class Demo01 { public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException { String s="月华";//[-26, -100, -120, -27, -115, -114] byte[]bys=s.getBytes(


Demonstrating new development achievements, NTU General Motors will debut with the Tianjin Pavilion at China Brand Day 2021

May 10-12, 2021 China Brand Day kicked off in Shanghai. As one of the representatives of Tianjin’s well-known Xinchuang enterprises, Nanda General Motors, together with Kylin Software, Feiteng Information, and Sugon Information, will appear in the Tianjin Pavilion, and will be in the core sector. "Jinxin Smart Manufacturing" was