666! The materials written by these three big guys can help you enter the big factory, so I won’t thank you for taking it away.

Many programmers hope that they can become technical masters and get high salaries in big factories. Whether to improve technology or for interviews, algorithms, multithreading, and concurrent programming must be learned.

It took a long time to find some high-quality technical materials for everyone (the download method is at the end of the article ):

1. "LeetCode Cook"

Speaking of LeetCode, as a programmer, you should be familiar with it. In recent years, I will mention it in interviews.

This book is LeetCode's notes written by a big factory boss. The boss wrote this book in order to share with you some tips on doing the questions.

The code in this book is 100% Beats. Without Beats 100% solution, it would not be included in this book.

People who frequently write questions know the difficulty of Beats 100%:

  • The code should be short, concise and concise
  • For loop size_t is better than int and unsigned int
  • Branch judgment is resolved outside the loop
  • Algorithm must be optimal
  • Good luck (equivalent to human trial and error)

When interviewers from big factories come up with algorithmic questions, they will have standard answers, and Beats 100% is almost the standard answer!

Don't underestimate this. Most algorithmic problems have multiple solutions, but there is basically only one optimal solution. You can also solve many hell-difficult problems with violent solutions, but the time complexity or space complexity is likely to be more than 10 times the optimal solution.

In the words of the author: Beats 100% can be considered as a feeling for this question.

Let's take a look at the contents of the book:

Each question has a detailed and complete solution idea, I am afraid you will not understand it.

2. "Labuladong's Algorithm Cheat Sheet"

This book is still algorithm-related, which shows how popular algorithms are now. The quality of this algorithm cheat sheet is excellent, as the subtitle of the book says:

Hardcore algorithm tutorial for GitHub 68.8k star

A star of about 70k is enough to show that the content is very good.

This book will first help you abstract and summarize the framework routines, and then practice through the topics. This should be the most efficient way to learn. Read it and use it immediately, feedback immediately, I believe this book will make you unable to stop reading.

This is not an introductory book on data structures and algorithms, but a reference book for brushing algorithm problems.

The purpose of this book is to guide you through the questions. After reading a section, you can go and write a few questions, knowing what they are and why they are.

Listen to what the author said:

table of Contents:

3. "Introduction to Java Multithreading"

This book is from the RedSpider technical community.

RedSpider is a very active technology community, most of which are Java development engineers, and they have always maintained a high enthusiasm for technology.

The authors of this book come from major companies such as Ali and ThoughtWorks.

As far as the authors of those big factories are concerned, the quality of this book is guaranteed.

I watched a part of it. Although I haven't read all of it yet, I can't wait to like this book.

In order to write "Introduction to Java Multithreading", several authors read a lot of books and blogs on Java multithreading, and then added their experience summaries, demo examples, and source code analysis to finally form this book. They originally estimated that it would be completed in one month, but they didn't expect it to take four months in the end.

Not much to say, let's look at the catalog directly:

There are many examples in the book, which can be said to be well-illustrated and illustrated.

4. The icing on the cake

In addition to the above three books, I have prepared several purely hand-written high-quality PDFs, sponsored by friends and also my own, covering almost all knowledge points:

HTTP, Redis, MySQL, Nginx, Netty, JVM, Zookeeper, algorithms, refactoring, design patterns...

Don't look at the small quantity, but the articles are all dry goods, and all of them are said to be very liver after reading.

I hope these materials can help you improve your skills and help you sweep the interview as soon as possible and get a high salary.

The link to receive all the above collection materials: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1gMSpPTbYT0_lzr9rFHJ8KQ
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