After 90 choose to roll, but after 00 choose to lie flat? Jump out of the current predicament: improve one's own competitiveness, upgrade high technology and strive to be an excellent back wave!

Recently, a buzzword "Lieping" has appeared.

Whether it is a bigwig or an internet celebrity, they are all frantically discussing the bits and pieces behind the word.

So, let's say this word at the beginning of the article, in my thinking.

Let me talk about the concept of the word first, explained by Wikipedia: Young people are disappointed with the domestic repressive work culture. Instead of sticking to the expectations of the society, they should choose a "lying flat" attitude.

No matter when, no matter what kind of work environment, there is this competition. Today when involution is so serious, what kind of attitude should we have in life?

I think lying flat is a choice, but it is inevitably full of depression.

What I think is, have you realized your original dream? Maybe it's happiness for the family, maybe it's buying what you want to buy, or maybe seeing the scenery in life. In my opinion, as long as you do not realize it, then we need to work harder, not for anything else, just for the original dream. People live for a lifetime, but a hundred years, if you don't leave something, isn't it a pity? We still need to fight for our future.

Perhaps, many people feel that there is a future in such an inward scroll. Yes, everyone thinks like this, but can you change reality? Can't! Your lying flat will only make you the tail of others in the reality of involute. Therefore, lying flat is impossible for you.

But, is it an unfavorable stimulus for involution? No, I think, people must be content, but they must have small goals. This is the prerequisite for a wonderful life.

When I was browsing Weibo yesterday, I saw this Weibo:


What the hell, it's not normal to go to bed at 12 now? What a joke

From the death of PDD employees working overtime to ZJ's 12 o'clock bedtime is now early, it seems that the involution between the big factories is really getting worse. . . .

What exactly is involution

The original intent of the scroll refers to the phenomenon that human society stagnates or cannot be transformed into another advanced mode after reaching a certain form of development at a stage of development. When social resources cannot meet the needs of everyone, people compete to obtain more resources. In fact, the current involution is more used to say that the competition is getting more and more fierce, but the gains are getting less and less.

Give some simple examples:

Tsinghua University recruited 200 people in Shandong. Before everyone did not work hard, the best 200 people were admitted. Now I study 20 hours a day, and I am half tired. As a result, there are not many enrollment places at all. This is called internal scrolling.

To play games, in order to have better entertainment, one person first charged up and beat others, and the person abused by him had to charge up too. In the end, everyone either charged up hard or was hanged, only the administrator didn’t need to charge up. Can also hang everyone.

The child went to school, and one child went to a tutoring class, forcing everyone to go to the tutoring class. The final ranking remained the same, but the tutoring class made a profit.

At first, everyone worked 8 hours, and some people started to work overtime. In the end, everyone was forced to work overtime. Everyone still earned the same amount of money, but the boss’s 3 series was replaced with 5 series.

Inventory the status quo of large factories' internal volumes

How do you see how serious the involution situation of the big factory is? The most intuitive thing is the working hours. 996 is not accidental, but the result of "liver" day after day.

Next, let's take a look at it together:

Shanghai 996, big and small week, off-duty time company list: Pinduoduo, ByteDance, Dewu, Bixin, soul, Little Red Book, Little Goose Pinpin, Meituan Optimal, Harrow Bike, Fun Headline; 10-11: List of companies leaving work after 00: Byte, Pinduoduo, Ali, most departments of Tencent, Ant Financial, Meituan Daojia, some departments of Baidu, Station B, Jingdong Maicai, Huawei; companies leaving work after 9:00: Baidu, Ctrip, iQiyi,, Himalaya, Tencent Reading, Ping An Department, Paipaidai, Hupu; List of companies leaving at 8:00: Netease, some departments of Baidu, Vipshop, Instant; List of companies leaving at 6:00 : Microsoft guest eBay and other foreign companies, China Merchants Credit Card, SF Mobile Unicom.

Then, after "involving", another new term appeared:

What is "lying flat"?

Lie flat means that no matter what the other person's reaction is, there is no wave in your heart, and you will not have any reaction or resistance to it, which means that you are submissive.

Lying Ping can actually be understood as the popular Buddhist style in the past few years, that is, no matter what you are, I don't care, and now it can also be understood as not thinking about making progress, getting rid of the sky, and letting it go.

"Lying flat" we also give an example. It means that young people nowadays do not fall in love, do not work, do not get married, do not have children. You can understand this behavior as lying flat. In fact, there is a causal relationship between the two. The stronger the involution, the more lying flat.

Lie flat, the physical practice of a group of times has triggered a melee of online public opinion. There are people who are strong, some are disdainful, some are serious and hard-hearted, and some are angry and jumping.

Lying flat is a kind of ideological collision. I believe that the gains from 996,007 are only to stay alive. Then I just need to live. How can I be comfortable? This is because of the wealth created by 996,007. Those who are above them feel the threat, and they take 80% of it. The result of lying flat is that 20% is gone, and 80% will be gone. In this world, there is no hopeless struggle, and there is no pay without asking for return. When the pay and the return are far from being proportional, lying flat is a silent resistance and helplessness.

Lying flat is not a struggle, nor is it non-violent or uncooperative. On the contrary, it is a kind of cooperative self-castration, a kind of mental hibernation. I can't change anything. If you don't let this, don't let that, then I lie flat, you can do it whatever you want.

To lie flat is salvation in the eyes of some people who are rolled. It is the antonym of internal scrolling. It is the highest class of fish-catching, "I fish myself" and "Lying flat leek can't cut it."

Finally, share what I saw:

The German philosopher Adorno said that freedom is not to choose between black and white, but to give up such a prescribed choice. Choice is a kind of courage, whether it is choosing to lie flat without desire or seeking perseverance, if either of these two can bring you happiness, then you are free and happy.

Fight if you don't want to be caught!

Inward scrolling is a silent sorrow. It slowly consumes our ingenuity and youth, and smooths out our individual spirit. After falling into involution, it is a kind of silent and unconscious wastage for individuals; for society or institutions, a large number of people silently do useless work, wasting resources, reducing overall efficiency, and weakening external Competitiveness.

The inner scroll tells us that superficial fineness, complexity, and exquisiteness do not equal advanced, let alone advanced. It is just an illusion of self-deception, a consumption of ignorance in the dark, and a sad spiritual sustenance. Only by jumping out of the circle and standing on a higher level with continuous breakthroughs, innovations and creations, can we not let the exquisite, complicated, and seemingly dedicated involution state bother us, and we can return to the upward vigorous. The new normal comes up.

Now that we have clearly known the "involution" phenomenon of programmers, we don't want to be "involution", so how to avoid "involution"?

1. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
2. Pay attention to new technologies in the industry
3. Pay attention to the accumulation of knowledge
4. Learn to think
5. Finally, pay attention to your physical and mental health

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Improve your skills and break through yourself

Now that the competition is so fierce, only through continuous learning and improving ourselves can we maintain our competitiveness.

For some programmers who don’t know what to learn and don’t have a systematic route, here is a general idea:

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Write at the end

The blogger thinks that he can't escape from the status quo, so he will try his best to get out of the dilemma: improve one's own competitiveness, and strive to be an excellent back wave with high technology!

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