All the information you need is available, from entry to actual combat! [CSDN Treasure Information Illustrated Book First Issue]


CSDN is a world-renowned developer community. Founded in 1999, after 20 years of accumulation of knowledge documents, it has become a treasure trove of knowledge for Chinese developers; from basic law entry to transformation actual cases, from mysterious frontier technology to clear practical steps, It can be said that CSDN is the best treasure house for you to find information, as long as you want it, you can find it here!

Today we are going to deepen the first issue of quality columns and resources. Some of these columnists may be college students, some are experts in a certain field, but it does not affect their easy-to-understand and in-depth articles. We have seen the endeavor of the new generation from the college students, and we have also seen the selfless technology sharing from the big cattle in the field. We hope that there will be more and more quality articles, and we can contribute to the progress of the industry together.

Treasure Illustrated Book

CSDN knowledge treasure first phase

Author and dry goods introduction

Enlightenment stage

Direction: C language
Author: 1_bit

Author introduction: CSDN blog expert, Blue Bridge contract author, 2020 blog star TOP5, CSDN novice tutor.

Column link: C language of Dahua series

Column introduction: The dialogue mode of teaching, humor, and fun is well received!

Direction: JAVA
Author: Bu Xiaochan

Introduction to the author: Hello everyone, I am Bu Xiaochan, an IT Xiaobai who is a network major but is very interested in programming. Currently learning Java, mainly self-study, station B, C Stand as a supplement, look forward to your attention, follow me to make a little progress every day, in the future, we may be the big brothers.

Column link: Getting started with Java basics

Column introduction: This column is suitable for zero-based beginners to learn Java (because the blogger himself is also a zero-based beginner), tells the basic content of Java in a humorous, easy-to-understand language, read my column, you will definitely Java has its own understanding. However, because of the limited level of bloggers, this column is only for getting started!

Direction: Python+Image Recognition
Author: Dream Eraser

Introduction to the author: Dream Eraser's sister, who was born in the game industry and is currently the product manager of a million Yuehuo APP. She has 10 years of experience in the Internet industry, has written code, done testing, done management, and started a business. He has led the column of 100 Python crawlers in 2019, is the initiator of Snowball Learning Python in 2020, and the initiator of the Python OpenCV 365-day learning plan in 2021.

Column link:

Column introduction: Starting from this blog, I will write you a set of Python language tutorials from 0 to 1, and tell you how to quickly learn Python skills. Snowball learning Python, and strive to provide you with a feast of Python learning with a relaxed style of knowledge on a complete program, use crawlers for actual combat, 100 cases to help you become a crawler master, later advance to OpenCV, and complete the domestic top in 365 days A self-study tour of Python OpenCV, come with Eraser.


Direction: Embedded System
Author: Zhuo Qing

Author introduction: Teacher of the Department of Automation of Tsinghua University, Dr. Zhuo Qing, the master of the National College Student Smart Car Competition.

Column link:

Column introduction: detailed explanation, actual combat!

Desktop application

Direction: PyQt
Author: LaoYuanPython

Introduction to the author: Lao Yuan Python, a support system development supervisor of an enterprise in Wuhan, engaged in business architecture and system architecture design. In July 1997, he graduated with a master's degree from the State Key Laboratory of Software Engineering of Wuhan University. He has hundreds of thousands of lines of C language development experience. In the early years, he cooperated with others to analyze the working mechanism of NetWare3 by disassembling the NetWare3.X operating system code, and related achievements. In-depth analysis of NetWare 3.X-Workstation and Server Peripherals" was published in Tsinghua University Press in 1996.

He started his blog in April 2019 and published nearly 1,000 original articles in less than two years. There are many content with unique insights, especially in the basic knowledge of Python, PyQt, Moviepy, 5G and OpenCV-Python. A lot of analysis, a lot of published content is not in the existing public information. The content of the open blog column is detailed, from the simpler to the deeper, combined with your own learning experience and summary, suitable for learning from a zero foundation and mastering a certain in-depth knowledge.

Column link: Use PyQt to develop graphical interface Python applications

Column introduction: Qt is a cross-platform C++ graphical interface development platform. The applications developed can be used across platforms. PyQt is a Python package based on Qt, which can take advantage of the convenience of Qt graphical interface development and the efficiency of internal implementation , And can take advantage of the convenience and elegance of the Python language. This course introduces the graphical design based on Qt Designer to realize Python graphical interface development.

Direction: Qt
Author: A young man who is addicted to cycling.

Author introduction: Rising star creator in C/C++ field.

Column link: Qt development

Column introduction: From the shallower to the deeper, starting from the most basic Qt controls, signals and slots, implicit shared layout management and other knowledge points, step by step, learn about color dialog boxes, file dialog boxes, split windows, dock windows, and stack windows , Qt-specific controls such as dialog boxes can be hidden. At the final stage of actual combat, a large number of Qt actual combat projects: music player, simple browser, epidemic diagnosis software, password login system, multi-threaded download, etc., will take you to lay a solid foundation in actual combat and have fun with Qt development! .

Artificial Intelligence + Data Analysis

Direction: Python+TensorFlow
Author: Eastmount

Author's introduction: Since childhood, he was influenced by the mountains of Guizhou and developed an honest and simple character. After a hard study, I was admitted to the BIT. In order to fulfill my dream of teaching, I gave up IT, aerospace and other jobs to become a university teacher at your fortune, and I want to sincerely teach my students what I have learned and help more strangers. . Currently studying for a PhD in Wuhan University. Zongmei Road in Guizhou runs through, and it's a hard time. After receiving three or four broken books, it is worthwhile to teach Ercao. Nami life, drunk life. He and she experienced wind and rain and slowly grew old.

Column link: Python+TensorFlow artificial intelligence

Column introduction: This column is an introduction to artificial intelligence, using Python3 and TensorFlow to implement artificial intelligence related algorithms. In the early stage, the installation process, basic grammar, neural network, visualization, etc. are introduced, and CNN, RNN, LSTM and other codes are explained in the middle, and subsequent applications such as image processing, text mining, natural language processing, speech recognition, and target detection are reproduced. Basic articles, I hope to help you~

Direction: Python+Data Analysis
Author: According to the Beauty of Analysis and Statistics

Author introduction: Master of Statistics, wrote 5 original documents, downloads 1W+ At the same time, each original is written very carefully, I only hope that we can learn new knowledge in an easy-to-understand manner.

Column link: Python data analysis actual combat

Column introduction: This column is an introduction to artificial intelligence, using Python3 and TensorFlow to implement artificial intelligence related algorithms. In the early stage, the installation process, basic grammar, neural network, visualization, etc. are introduced, and CNN, RNN, LSTM and other codes are explained in the middle, and subsequent applications such as image processing, text mining, natural language processing, speech recognition, and target detection are reproduced. Basic articles, I hope to help you~

rear end

Direction: Quantitative
Author: I’m Xiaobai

. Introduction: A child from Ravine, New York, an ordinary programmer. Now studying in the Department of Finance at the University of Massachusetts, self-taught computer and artificial intelligence. Inspirational to contribute to the open source community. A meager power. People live for tomorrow, because there is Chaoyang Xiaolu in the memory.

Column link: Quantitative basis until I want to use Python to trade stocks, and then shock everyone!

Column introduction: This column is a quantitative trading column, using python language, with the help of statistics and mathematics, and the basic content of machine learning, using computer technology to conduct stock trading. The basic part is an explanation of knowledge points. The actual content is strategy and actual combat. Realize strategic stock selection and outperform the market. Lying at home and earning three thousand a day, it is no longer a dream!

Direction: Big Data
Author: webmote

Author introduction: A senior system architect, post-70s code farmer, good at .net core, microservices , front-end Vue, big data ETL, system DevOps operation and maintenance, CentOS, etc., follow me, and I will pit the code together and team up to fight monsters.

Column link: Data docking-ETL StreamSet learning journey

Column introduction: StreamSets is a low-code big data ETL open source development platform that is easy to use for novices and focuses on DataOps. This column mainly introduces the use of various scenarios of StreamSets, helping you from entry to high-end applications.

Direction: Server
Author: Hugo Shrimp Slippery Cat

Author introduction: CSDN blog expert, Gitchat columnist, paid column "PHP Question Collection".

Column link: php problem solution

Column introduction: There are many and complicated problems encountered in the development of PHP. After long-term accumulation, this column summarizes a large number of problems encountered in actual work. The column question collection includes the difficulties encountered in actual project development such as PHP basics, Yii, Yii2, integration of third-party payment, and third-party login.

Direction: Server
Author: Low-Code Evangelist

Introduction to the author: Project management position, good at the implementation and management of collaborative office software, and more than ten years of experience in the implementation of collaborative office software for government affairs. In-depth study of small program cloud development, currently focusing on the low-code field, as a low-code evangelist, responsible for the preparation of basic technical articles on the official account, and hope that ordinary people can also master low-code technology through evangelism and contribute their own to the digitalization of enterprises wisdom.

Column link: Tencent Cloud Development

Column introduction: In daily Internet applications, we can use small programs to easily build e-commerce small programs for merchants to display and purchase products. However, small programs are mainly for customers, and we also need to provide businesses with a set of back-end operations and management. If we use the traditional method to build, we need to rent a server, deploy an SSL certificate, build middleware, install a database and a series of operations, which invisibly greatly increases the cost of implementation and operation and maintenance. In order to solve the problems of construction efficiency and cost, this article uses the front-end technology VUE of the process combined with the back-end SDK provided by Tencent Cloud to quickly build the business management back-end.

Direction: Server
Author: Lei Xuehui

Introduction to the author: More than ten years in the industry, currently serving as a senior technical consultant & big data full-stack engineer, focusing on the big data visualization ecological architecture and implementation. He has delivered technical speeches at the DevOpsDay International Forum, and has been invited by other technical organizations to participate in expert discussions on many occasions, such as the Huawei Cloud Roundtable and the Digital Talking Seminar. I also study extensively at Aliyunqi, InfoQ, Tencent Cloud and other conferences, and I have a wealth of online research. In addition, I am also expanding the field of AI and data analysis algorithms. Personal skills involve big data full stack, microservice platform architecture, DevOps technology stack, independent research and development and design of DevOps operation and maintenance system, and big data analysis microservice platform, in addition to research and development and design: distributed link tracking, automated operation framework, Data traceability system architecture, etc. Insist on continuous learning and continuous development, master multiple programming languages ​​(Java/JS/Python/Scala) and frameworks.

Column link: Lei Xuewei NodeJS series

Column introduction: A complete guide that allows novice Xiaobai to quickly get started to proficient in full-stack development. At the same time, the column is equipped with a complete and rich example code and document analysis. In addition, it also involves the sharing of development experience and technical principles. The writing style and code style are extremely simple and accurate, helping developers to efficiently enhance development awareness and enrich their practices. It can be said that NodeJS development is a must for God.

Direction: Quantitative
Author: Yun Jinqi

Introduction to the author: Quant\Econometricians\Programmer\MFIn\CIIA\FRM\CFP.

Column link: Quantitative investment artifact-backtrader source code analysis-from entry to proficient column

Column introduction: There is no guarantee that you will make money after learning, but you will have a greater chance of making money after learning. You can better understand the internal mechanism of python; you can understand every detail of backtrader; you can learn to use backtrader to do various backtests; you can use backtrader to realize quantitative trading.

Direction: Quantitative
Author: Technology House Nebula

Introduction to the author: Technology House Nebula (screen name), English name fairy, CSDN blog expert, successively worked in the foreign company Hewlett-Packard, the central enterprise China TravelSky, and currently serves as the back-end person in charge of Beijing Leap Technology Co., Ltd. , Responsible for the company's short video and e-commerce application background, good at JAVA back-end technology.

Column link: Spring Boot 2.x best practices

Column introduction: A practical tutorial on how to integrate Spring Boot with various technology stacks.

Direction: Big Data Scala
Author: Lansonli

Introduction to the author: Senior development engineer of a well-known Internet company, focusing on big data and back-end development, and striving to become an excellent architect.

Column link: Scala

Column introduction: Scala is a multi-paradigm programming language running on the JVM and supports object-oriented and functional programming at the same time.

Direction: java server
Author: Coriander chat game

author introduction: I am Coriander, I have been a game server for ten years, and I have been a code farmer and entrepreneur.

Column link: Game system design

Column introduction: This column is mainly about the design of the game service terminal system, including task system, resource system, monitoring system, lottery system, hot update system, mail system, etc., one per week, all actual combat codes, showing design ideas and ideas , And finally give all the online source code, take you from 0 to 1 to realize the source code of the game server.



Direction: C/C++
Author: The programmer is Xiaohe.

The author introduces: love to learn, know how to make progress, be good at communication, and understand.

Column link: Introduction to data structure

Column introduction: An entry-level data structure tutorial, which will lead you to learn and understand various data structures and basic algorithms, helping you to establish preliminary algorithm ideas. On the road of growth, we will move forward side by side and move towards a broader sky together.

Direction: C/C++
Author: Dreaming Fish

. Introduction: Junior student in the Big Data Experimental Class of Northeastern University. In the autumn recruitment, he won many offers from Tencent, Huawei, Jingdong, and Meituan. I'm so good food, it makes me sad!

Column link:

Column introduction: each year's mock questions and real questions of the Blue Bridge Cup.

Direction: C/C++
Author: Ye Shenren writes the algorithm

. Introduction to the author: Three-year ACM, captain of the school training team, gold medal in the Asian regional competition, a simple trip to the world finals, it is not important to win the prize, the most important thing is to participate. I have worked at NetEase for many years, and I am currently at Byte. The vision of the past, now and the future is: let the world have no difficult algorithms to learn! !

Column link: Quiet writing algorithm in the dead of night

Column introduction: middle and high school OI competition, college ACM competition, general algorithm for job interviews.

AI medicine

Direction: AI medicine
Author: DrugAI

Author introduction: AI medical doctor, the owner of the largest AI medical account in China, pays attention to the progress of the intersection of artificial intelligence and chemistry, biology, pharmacy and medicine, and provides "original, professional, practical examples" interpretation and sharing .

Column link:

Column introduction:

  • RDKit is an open source chemical informatics and machine learning toolkit. This column mainly introduces the application of RDKit in the field of chemoinformatics and pharmacy: molecular reading and writing, molecular fingerprints and descriptors, conformation and skeleton analysis, substructure search, cluster analysis and chemical space exploration, pharmacophores, chemical reactions, chemistry Informatics data mining and the application of machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence in the fields of chemistry, pharmacy and biology.
  • Application of artificial intelligence (AI) in the fields of chemistry, biology, medicine and pharmacy



Direction: Unity
Author: God Y.

Introduction to the author: I am God Y., a CSDN blogger, and a ninth art practitioner (game) in the world, as well as a baldness activity from the strongest country in the world youth. At present, I mainly focus on the project development references of the Unity engine, including C#, Unity, games, VR, AR, and Android. The future is long, work hard together.

Column link: Unity basic knowledge learning

Column introduction: Unity is a game engine. Up to now, more than 70% of the mobile games on the domestic market are made by the Unity engine. For example, the glory of the king, the legend of Hearthstone, and so on. This column starts from the introduction to Unity, introduces the story background of Unity, basic Unity usage tutorials, and the experience of Unity novices, so that you can reach the basic level of Unity. With new technology, follow-up will be updated.


Direction: Java
Author: Ming Shiyin in the programming world

Author introduction: Ming Shiyin in the programming world has been engaged in Java development for many years, is proficient in Java and various frameworks, is good at web development, and has a special liking for java games. It can be described as the strongest assistant in the programming world. The small AD takes off directly and rushes with me!

Column link: A complete collection of Java game examples

Column introduction: The blogger’s carefully developed Java games, minesweeper, tank battle, plants vs. Zombies, airplane battle, Lianliankan, Tetris, etc. The articles are expected to be at least 15 articles, and continue to be updated.

Direction: unity
Author: Chen Yanmusic

Introduction to the author: Follow me, if you have any questions, you must talk to me privately. I am a U3D programmer in the game development industry. CSDN blog expert, 5 years + programming experience, to help you solve your doubts and help you not work overtime every day.

Column link: Detailed explanation of Unity's UGUI control

Column introduction: Unity’s UGUI-related sub-controls detailed explanation column, systematically sorted out the attribute functions of UI sub-controls, no need to search for a certain usage, and go to major websites! Come and pay attention!


Direction: Unity
Author: Lin Xinfa

Introduction to the author : Those who persist and work hard will be lucky as others say! My GitHub: My gitee: My CODE.CHINA:

Column link: Unity Treasure Level Solution

Column introduction: Unity3D related knowledge, technology, pits, and experience.


front end

Direction: Vue
Author: One Hundred Chocolate

Introduction to the author: I am Chocolate, a 2021 undergraduate, working at Tencent, a CSDN blog expert, with the same name on the entire network [100 Chocolate], currently engaged in the front-end field, JS, LeetCode, Vue , React, algorithm lovers. Motto: Learning is like sailing against the current, if you do not advance, you will retreat! Keep Leo's enthusiasm and sunshine, continue to learn with everyone, and forge ahead together! Treat learning as a habit and benefit for life! I hope that the friends who follow me can like my article. 2020 has experienced a bumpy journey of recruitment in the spring and autumn, with rich interview experience, interview review summary is recorded in the blog, you can refer to avoid stepping on the pit.

Column link: Little Lion Front-end Vue Advanced Booklet

Column introduction: The knowledge system is well-designed and easy to understand. It will take you to understand the front end and get the front end! Suitable for Coders who understand the general knowledge framework of the front-end, job interviews, and knowledge points of large factories.


Direction: JavaScript
Author: Yu Guang,

Author introduction: Once you get out of your comfort zone, your inner pain is the driving force that motivates you to move forward.

Column link: JavaScript basic internal power

Column introduction: This series is arranged according to the difficulty of knowledge absorption, combined with mind mapping, code analysis, and real interview questions to help you establish a front-end basic knowledge system at one time. Lay a solid foundation for future advancement. 10 pieces of dry goods plus a summary of the actual interview questions, the basic types of packages, scope, function execution, prototype prototype chain, etc., covering all the basic knowledge points of the front-end knowledge system and the high-frequency interview points.



Direction: Infiltration
Author: Binghe

Author introduction: Binghe, "Massive Data Processing and Big Data Technology Practical Combat", "MySQL Technology Encyclopedia: Development, Optimization, and Operation and Maintenance Practical Combat", author of the open source distributed transaction framework mykit-transaction-message based on the reliability of the final message. Over the years, he has devoted himself to the research of distributed system architecture, microservices, distributed databases, distributed transactions and big data technologies. He has rich architecture experience in the fields of high concurrency, high availability, high scalability, high maintainability and big data. In-depth analysis of the source code of big data frameworks such as Hadoop, Storm, Spark, Flink, etc., and has a wealth of practical experience.

Column link: Practical notes on the penetration of glaciers-glaciers.pdf

Column introduction: The first open source penetrating practical notes based on actual combat cases on the entire network compiled by Glacier. The book has a total of 442 pages and a total of 370,000 words (excluding spaces). The content of the entire book covers: Kali basics, penetration tools, Trojan horse production, phishing link generation, blasting passwords, memory overflow attacks, web penetration, data privilege escalation, and social engineering.


Operation and maintenance + SEO + visualization + software engineering

Direction: Operation and Maintenance
Author: Internet Lao Xin

Introduction to the author: Internet Lao Xin, CSDN blog, Zhima Technology CEO, angel investor, Internet company for 12 years, worked as an operation and maintenance architect, technical VP and other positions, after freelance, Directly or indirectly help those who need interviews for employment counseling and career planning, and occasionally guest positions in investment companies. At present, he has helped nearly 3,000 small partners to do career counseling and job referrals.

Column link: Cheats for operation and maintenance interviews

Column introduction: "Operation and Maintenance Interview Collection" This column is a summary of student interviews in the past 1 year, covering all aspects from technical issues to HR issues. It systematically teaches you how to avoid pits and prevent interviews caused by communication problems. failure.
The main purpose of the column is to help more small partners not miss the opportunity to join the job because of the interview. At the same time, there will be part of the workplace content to help more small partners easily deal with the workplace. At the same time, I have summarized a lot of methodologies in the column, which can teach you to better prepare a resume, prepare an interview, and get a high-paying offer. Because of this column, you can join Tencent Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud’s small partners abound .
There are a total of 80 articles in the column, which will be updated at any time according to the interview situation of the friends or the problems encountered. Because the interview questions will change every year, the column will continue to be updated.


Direction: Visualization
Author: diviner_s

Introduction to the author: A college student who mainly relies on self-study and is a general undergraduate sophomore, majoring in big data, with a little understanding of algorithms, participated in algorithm competitions, and is currently learning data visualization related technologies, data analysis, and machine learning. To go further in the field of big data!

Column link: Data visualization_Echarts

Column introduction: Based on the visual analysis of Echarts technical data, this column introduces the use of Echarts basic icons step by step, from charts to layouts, from front to back, from simple charts to complex charts. The current project of this column separates the front and back ends, aiming to update the front-end data in real time. Continue to update~


Direction: Software Engineering
Author: Monday Lab

Author introduction: CSDN front-end blogger | Monday research room, shuttle learning perpetual motion machine for front-end development. Not only at the front end, but also in software engineering and product analysis. He is good at explaining difficult and obscure knowledge with pictures and texts in a vernacular way.

Column link: Software Engineering

Column introduction: Every software has its architecture system, which can not be developed out of imagination. Software without a design generally has many problems, including but not limited to unreasonable database design and constantly changing requirements. Based on a certain basic knowledge of software engineering, a software can be designed more rationally and efficiently. If you are preparing for the soft test, this series of articles can help you lay a solid foundation for the necessary knowledge of the soft test. If you are moving in the direction of software project management, the series of articles on software engineering may have the answers you want.


Direction: SEO
Author: Monday Lab

Introduction: A hobby of computer science, while seeking logical thinking, he does not forget the humanities such as philosophy and romanticism, and is committed to the common development of computer science in natural sciences and philosophy and romanticism in humanities. , A blogger who is always in the process of learning and is willing to share technology and happiness. The blog posts involve Java, HTML CSS Javascript, databases, data structures, WeChat applets, SEO (search engine optimization), information security and cryptography, etc. I hope my blog post and blink from time to time can help you.

Column link: SEO optimization cheats

Column introduction: The complete meaning and process of SEO will become clearer as readers read this column. Here is only a brief description of the definition. In a sense, SEO is a tripartite game of websites, search engines and competitors. To do SEO, although you do not need to understand the technical details of search engines in detail, it is necessary to understand the basic working principles of search engines. Otherwise, you can only know what is happening, not knowing why, and you cannot fundamentally understand SEO skills.


Stay tuned for the next issue of Treasure Dry Goods~