Android-based campus navigation map positioning app

For this project, Android can be used to make a mobile app, or java can be used to make a web interface, but because positioning is a real-time function, it needs a more convenient way. Based on this, I will use Android for this project. Write a mobile app. Software development uses Java language, Google APIs development kit and Eclipse 3.3 development environment.

Related software to download:

JDK6.0, Eclipse3.3, Android SDK.

(1) Install software and configure environment;

(2) Obtain Baidu Map API;

(3) Build the basic interface of the electronic map;

(4) Display in the basic interface by calling Baidu Map API;

(5) Adjust and test positioning parameters to optimize positioning speed and accuracy;

(6) Update the content of the electronic map according to the actual geographic information on the campus;

(7) When searching for a location, relevant information can appear.

I think the focus of this research is to use Baidu API to embed the map of Xi’an Technological University into the mobile app we will make, and use the API and java language to realize positioning, and use the Android SQLite database to realize data addition, deletion, modification and query. .

Secondly, the difficulty of this research is: I have no systematic understanding of the Java language, and I am not very familiar with the use and development of the Android environment, so this is a big challenge for me.

I have checked relevant papers and materials in the early stage, and I have set up the Android environment, obtained Google API, read related books, understand the use of SQLite in Android, create data tables, add data, query data, modify data, and delete data Wait.

Client: The software client locates according to a certain campus of a university, and can directly locate the building on the campus by inputting the name of the campus building. The map can be zoomed out and the scale of the map can be displayed. The location of the building can display the name of the building, making it easier for students to find the location of the building, which can also be regarded as a label function in the GIS platform.

Server: Information maintenance: Maintain the location information of the campus building at the front desk of the system. By entering the name of the address, latitude and longitude and description of the address, mark the location information on the map and submit it to the database. After the front desk reads the location, you can To display. After adding a new location, you can display the latitude and longitude information, the creation time, and you can also perform location operations, including modification and deletion. User management: It realizes the management of the administrator user, adds the administrator's information, and can modify the administrator's password online. Safe logout: Through safe logout, the user's password can be cleared from the session. Next time, the website password will not be recorded directly and the security verification will be bypassed.

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