Android-based car rental system app

In real life, many of us don’t need to buy a car because of work, because even if we buy it, we can hardly use it unless we travel on holidays, so we really don’t need to buy a car. But if you don’t have a car on holidays and want to go out and don’t want to save the bus, what if you want to rent a car. Renting a car is very cost-effective, because we only use it a few times a year. For the convenience of renting a car, you can rent a car anytime, anywhere. Therefore, it is more and more important to develop a car rental client. Based on this background, this topic designs and implements an Android car rental App based on the mobile Internet. The system mainly realizes the online car rental and management and user management, and accepts car rental reservation requests sent by the android client. Through this graduation project, master the Android development platform and lay a solid foundation for future work.

The administrator module mainly includes the following parts: user management, basic vehicle information, vehicle rental information, vehicle reservation information, vehicle damage information, and vehicle maintenance information.

The user module includes 3 parts: registration and login, car reservation, and order management.

The administrator can manage the vehicle (such as adding, deleting, modifying, and querying vehicle information), record all aspects of the vehicle, and manage the vehicle reservation information submitted by the user. Users who are not registered can browse the information of the cars available for rental. If you need to book a car, you need to log in after registering on this page to make a car reservation

The user's personal information management module mainly realizes the user's registration and login, logout, the user's own information setting and modification, as well as the browsing of various cars available for rent, viewing the detailed information of the car, car reservation and cancellation, etc. , Tourists (unregistered users) can only view the vehicle information and cannot make car reservations

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table of Contents

  1. Introduction 1

2. Introduction to System Development Environment 1

2.1 Overview of Android Technology 1

2.1.1 Research on Android system architecture 2

2.1.2 Android resource files 3

2.1.3 Android application components 4

2.2 Overview of JSP technology 5

2.2.1 JSP 5

2.2.2 Servlet Technology 6

2.2.3 Introduction to B/S Development Model 6

2.3. Tomcat Server 6

2.3. MySql database 7

  1. System requirements analysis 8

3.1 Feasibility analysis 8

3.1.2 Economic feasibility analysis 8

2.2.2 Technical feasibility analysis 9

2.2.3 Social feasibility analysis 9

3.2 Demand analysis 9

3.3 Operating environment analysis 9

  1. Overall system design 10

4.1 System overall function design 10

4.2 Each specific function module 11

4.2.1 User personal information management module 11

4.2.2 Administrator subsystem 12

4.3 Data Sheet Design 13

  1. System detailed design 15

5.1 Server side 15

5.1.1 Database connection 15

5.1.2 Function realization 15

5.1.3 Communication design with the client 16

5.2 Client 18

5.2.1 Program Directory 18

5.2.2 Detailed design 18

  1. Summary 22

Thanks 24