Android-based movie theater booking theater ticketing system app

With the continuous increase of the number of films and the types of films, the continuous development of the film industry, the management of theaters has become more and more difficult. According to this realistic need, designing and producing a studio management system has become a very valuable task. . The use of the cinema ticket booking system to manage the cinema has the incomparable advantages of the traditional management model. With its fast information update speed, large amount of information storage, high security, and easy application, it has brought great benefits to the management of the film and television city. Convenience. With the continuous development of the film industry and the continuous improvement of people's requirements for spiritual life, the cinema management system is bound to play an increasingly important role in the development of the film industry. Based on Mysql database, it is made by using JAVA, one of the most popular network programming languages, with JSP language and SSH framework. Therefore, more and more movie theater companies want to use the advantages of dynamic e-commerce to conduct online ticketing transactions.

The ticket booking of the Android cinema designed this time mainly includes the mobile terminal and the computer terminal. The mobile terminal is for users to recharge, book tickets, view movie releases and movie introduction information on the mobile phone by registering and logging in. The computer terminal mainly publishes movie information of the theater and manages theater bookings.

The workflow of the cinema ticket booking system is as follows: the system starts and enters the login interface, according to different users to log in, all users can browse the main page of the system. Through permission judgment, ordinary users can only browse, read and query information. In addition to completing ordinary user operations, registered users can also perform operations on their own registered information (including entry, modification and deletion of their own information) . Administrators can add, modify and delete system information, and operate all functions of system management. All users can realize the inquiry function.

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table of Contents

1 Introduction 4

1.1 Development background and significance 4

1.2 Research status 4

1.3 Development trend 5

2 Introduction to Development Environment 5

2.1 Overview of Android Technology 5

2.2 Mysql 6

2.3 Android UI technology 7

2.4 myeclipse 7

2.5 System requirements for software and hardware 7

3 System analysis 8

3.1 Feasibility analysis 8

3.1.1 Technical feasibility 8

3.1.2 Economic feasibility 8

3.1.3 Operational feasibility 8

3.1.4 Legal feasibility 8

3.2 Design Ideas 8

3.2.1 System Security 9

3.2.2 Data integrity 9

4 System Design 10

4.1 Functional module design 10

4.2 Database Design 10

4.2.1 Concept design 10

4.2.2 Logic Design 12

5 System implementation 13

5.1 System Login 13

5.2 Mobile terminal 13

5.2.1 Register and log in 13

5.2.2 Browse theater information 13

5.2.3 Online booking 13

5.3 Administrator Module 14

5.4 Computer terminal 14

5.4.1 Administrator login 14

6 System operation and testing 14

6.1 The purpose of software testing 14

6.2 Test environment 14

6.3 Test method 14

6.4 Test process 15

6.4.1 Booking test 15

6.4.2 Login module test 15

7 Concluding remarks 16

Reference 17

Thanks 18