Android-based online photo album app_log image management system

With the improvement of people's material living standards and reasonable arrangements for national holidays, more and more people choose to travel on national statutory holidays. Taking pictures as a souvenir has become a must-have item in tourism. In this case, in order to further facilitate people's entertainment and life, an online album management system has been developed.

With the popularization of high-definition imaging mobile phones, digital cameras and digital video cameras, photos are no longer in the original sense. The original photos can be stored in the album, how to manage the current electronic photos? At present, many domestic websites provide the function of personal electronic photo album. Users can put photos in the electronic photo album. First, it is helpful to keep the photos, but can share these photos with friends and gather high popularity for the website.

The electronic photo album management system is written in java language, and the database adopts a lightweight database mysql, which is reasonably designed for use by both administrators and users. It is very convenient to store photos, manage and create album content. Mainly realize the backup and check of electronic photos at any time, and the system is easy to use. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. This system is mainly used for the study and reference of graduation design, and also helps programming enthusiasts to learn better

The client uses the Android development platform, which mainly includes the following functions

User registration: When users log in to the software again, they need to register. After the registration is successful, they can log in to the software to perform operations on the pictures.

Photo management: You can select the corresponding type of photo for query. After the photo is inquired, the photo will be displayed in the form of a list, and the user and time of adding the photo can be displayed. After long-clicking on the photo, you can delete the photo.


Storage classification: The photos in the foreground need to be classified and set in the background to set the classification category of the photo. You can add the name of the photo classification, remarks and other information, and can delete and modify the classification.

Picture management: The administrator can view the list of pictures, add and query pictures, and maintain and manage the picture information.

System management: It can manage the users of the system, realize the addition, modification and query of user information, and can manage the registered users.

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Software analysis and design

1 App interface design 14

1.1 The main interface of the system 14

1.2 Picture browsing interface 15

1.3 Picture Add Page 16

1.4 Picture type selection page 17

1.4 Picture upload page 17

2 Backstage interface design 19

1 Background login interface 19

2 Storage classification interface 20

3 Picture management interface 21

4 User Management Interface 21

3 Database Design 22

3.1 Picture list (photo) 22

3.2 Picture list (photo) 22

3.3 User table (user_) 22