Android-based personal health and physical examination software app

The recording software of healthy life is inspired by the research of some foreign brands. For example, the nike+running software developed by Nike supporting its own running shoes records the mileage of users running, and the NTC Nike training camp provides users with full-body and partial The training plan allows users with no exercise experience to exercise gradually. In addition, in the field of food safety, people often use calorie calculator software to calculate the calories of food, and this habit is far away from us laymen. However, software that combines training and diet well is rare. Foreign health software focuses on subdividing each item, and rarely integrates and synthesizes multiple functions. This is probably related to the concept of attaching importance to copyright. Foreign health software is often combined with embedded and wearable devices, allowing people to monitor their lifestyles and health conditions more accurately. However, the current price of wearable devices prevents it from reaching millions of households.

1. The main work content of the subject

(1) Android client

1. Basic user operations

*User registration: Only register as a user to have the authority to use the software.

*User login: After the user logs in, he can input his own information and use the software.

*User logout.

2. Functional modules

*Personal health information: By submitting basic information such as height, weight, age, etc., users can calculate and display health-related indicators such as BMI, body fat percentage, and calories necessary for daily basal metabolism.

*Food calculator: it contains a variety of food users to choose the amount to calculate the calories contained in the food and present it to the user, allowing users to know the calories contained in their food, and a scientific diet.

* Exercise calculator: It contains a large number of exercise methods and calories consumed per unit time. The user selects the favorite exercise method and time to calculate the calories consumed by the exercise.

*Life record book: Add daily food and exercise to the record book, and you can view the total calorie intake and consumption curve for multiple days.

*Achievement record book: Users use to record their own fitness results and changes in body dimensions. It is not recommended to add data daily.

(Two) server side

1. User management

2. Food bank sports bank management

Mainly realize the addition, deletion, modification and check of each database.

2. Methods and Means

Development environment: Myeclipse & android SDK

Database: sqlserver & sqlite

1. Design the software requirements specification, refine the requirements into various modules, and comprehensively design the functions that each module should implement.

2. Design the related entries of the database.

3. Learn the development of JAVA and andriod through learning videos and consulting a lot of materials, reserve programming knowledge, write codes, and realize the functions of each module.

4. Integrate each module, server and client to generate a complete application.

5. Check the subject-related information and calculation methods, and expand the data in the database.

6. Prepare comprehensive and complete test cases to test the functions of each module and application.

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