class integrated management system case

project description:

With the advent of the information age, education informatization has become an irreversible trend. In this trend, schools have set up school websites one after another, which has filled with vitality and vitality for the advancement of educational informatization. But in this one, we ignore the construction and application of the class network platform, because in the work of advancing education informatization, the ultimate goal is how to improve the quality of education and teaching of students, and the class is the smallest unit of student management, directly facing Education and teaching management of students. Therefore, I think that doing a good job in the construction and application of the class network platform will be of great significance.

The website module has been preliminarily determined, and its business process is first maintained by the class administrator with basic data including class news, photo albums, and message boards. System administrators can log in to the system for student management, announcements, and class basic information management. Then at the front desk of the website, students and teachers can log in and register, and can communicate and study online, upload photos, leave messages, etc.

(1) Student registration and login function: students can register online, log in to this website to leave a message, upload class photos, and browse class news announcements;

(2) Class administrator functions: functions such as class basic information management, class photo albums, message boards, and the release of class dynamic news information, class introduction, column configuration, etc.;

(3) Administrator function: The administrator can manage student information, release class announcements and other functions;

Development language:

Technical framework:


development tools:

VistudioStudio2012sp1 or above


Sqlserver2008R2 or above

Project screenshot:

The code is downloaded in the official account: Shige’s help.