ASP.NET MVC open source driving school test system

1. Introduction to Angel Studio ASP.NET (AngelExam) open source driving school test system

Angel Studio ASP.NET (AngelExam) driving school test system is based on mvc4.5 (C#) + front-end bootstrap + jquery + layui and other technologies, data storage uses reliable and stable sql server database.
The front page uses non-refresh technology to interact based on the mvc web api interface call logic. The front desk test interface is simple and easy to use; the back end uses a minimalist and beautiful but full internal layui framework, which is light in size and abundant in components, ranging from core code to Every detail of the API has been carefully crafted, which is very suitable for the rapid development of web interfaces.

2. Features of the examination system

1. In order to facilitate the reading and writing of data and the maturity of the language, choose mvc to develop more efficient and faster;
2. The system architecture adopts three advantages: low coupling, high reusability, fast deployment, and high maintainability. Layer framework is built;
3. The system configuration file data is cached by HttpRuntime.Cache, which makes the program more efficient and faster in operation;
4. The selection of the database is based on the system's examination question bank data scale. After investigating a variety of databases, select sql server as the system database;
5. The operating environment is based on the characteristics of the functional modules, and the window server+IIS is selected, and the deployment is simpler;

3. System advantages:

1. The system is developed based on mvc, and currently supports more than 90% of the space. The database (sql server2008r2) is attached or the .sql file is run directly, and the user can directly import the space for use.
2. The system supports the driving school test system functions such as multiple management accounts, adding multiple student information, adding question bank classification, and adding multiple question types.
3. The examination system question bank can flexibly add, modify, delete and other operations, including single choice, multiple choice, judgment and other question types.
4. The test system has built-in test simulation question type simulation screening calculation logic, and the background operator can flexibly set the number of classification extractions for each question bank, making the question bank simulation more realistic.
5. The driving school test system can meet the needs of most driving schools, making it the best choice for a driving school that needs a set of autonomous operations.


4. The update is as follows:

1. Added product color upload function, so that the product can support multiple colors for preview;
2. Added product evaluation function, which makes up for the function of no product reviews in the previous driving school test system;
3. Added verification and verification process on the system login page , To verify when entering the verification code in this way;
4. Add the detailed information of the question bank and related product information, which can be flexibly set in the background;
5. Add a video explanation of the question bank, and students can watch each question in a video;
6 , Optimize the system loading page prompt data loading function.

The system demonstration is as follows :

System background

Front-end web exam interface

The open source system hopes to be helpful to everyone! !