Based on android logistics express service system app

The logistics management system is developed using technologies such as jsp+servlet, android and Ajax asynchronous interaction. The database uses open source mysql as data storage. The structure is divided into presentation layer, business layer and data access layer. The presentation layer is developed using the MVC structure; the business layer encapsulates the business process, in order to adapt to business changes, each business module has a special interface and implementation class, the code is simple and can be adapted to different databases. The system strictly follows the software development process: requirements analysis, page design, outline design, detailed design, test operation, etc.

The logistics management system uses the B/S (browser/server) architecture, JAVA as the development language, Oracle's MySQL as the data storage for development, Tomcat as the WEB server, the development platform windows, the development tool app uses elicpse and the server uses myeclipse . Kaitong roles are divided into courier, mailing user and administrator. The main modules are: branch management module, mailing user management module, evaluation response management module, express company management module, customer evaluation management module, logistics express management module, management Personnel management module. The realization of this logistics management system fully embodies the superiority of the Internet in the WEB era. Finally, a logistics management system with complete functions, simple operation, beautiful interface and convenient maintenance was developed. If the system is put into actual trial operation and tested, if the test is satisfied, the system will be developed to achieve an informatized, standardized, systematic, and networked platform, which has better adaptability and promotion. Sex. It is also a comprehensive application of the knowledge I have learned in four years of university, which I completed under the tireless guidance of my instructor

The requirement analysis before software development is the key to the success or failure of the software. If there is no detailed requirement analysis and the actual needs of various users of the system are not fully understood, then the final software product can only be said to be the work of the software developer at best. Any meaning at all. Therefore, at the beginning of the development of the logistics management system based on Android, I searched some logistics management systems on the Internet for reference, and had a detailed understanding of its demand analysis.


(1) Administrator management

(2) Courier management of express company

(3) Shipping information management

(4) Complaint management

(5) Registered user management

Mobile terminal:

(1) Login

(2) Modification of personal information

(3) Shipment view

(4) Express query

(5) Service evaluation

(6) I want to ship

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table of Contents

Logistics management system based on ANDROID I

1 Overview 1

1.1 Project background 1

1.2 System development tools 2

1.2.1 Understanding of MyEclipse 2

1.2.2 Android 2

1.2.3 MySQL database 2

1.2.4 eclipse ADT 3

1.2.5 Java technology 3

2 Demand analysis and feasibility study 4

2.1 System analysis 4

2.2 Demand analysis 5

2.3 Feasibility study 5

2.3.1 Technical feasibility 6

2.3.2 Economic feasibility 6

2.3.3 Operational feasibility 6

3 System architecture 7

4 System outline design 8

4.1 Functional module design 8

5.2 System data flow 8

5 System detailed design and implementation 10

5.1 Database Design 11

5.1.1 Data item design 11

5.1.2 Database logic design 11

5.2 The realization of the system 14

5.2.1 Administrator login 15

5.2.2 Outlet Management 16

5.2.3 Courier company management 18

5.2.4 Shipping management 19

5.2.4 Complaint management 19

5.2.5 Mobile user login 20

5.2.6 Home page of courier module system 22

5.2.6 Courier shipping list 23

5.2.7 Service evaluation of courier module 25

5.2.8 Membership module system home page 27

5.2.8 Membership module express query 28

5.2.8 Membership module I want to send 28

5.2.8 I want to complain about the membership module 29

5.2.8 Membership module personal information 31

6 System Test 33

6.1 System test 33

6.1.1 Performance requirements for system testing 33

6.2 System unit test 33

Summary 36

Reference 37

Thanks 39