[Browser plug-in] The new artifact to improve development efficiency, and the method to increase it by 100% is here!

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From a pure point of view, let’s experience this CSDN browser plug-in with everyone with curiosity, and let your browser become warm


The CSDN technical community has been creating an information platform for IT developers to share technical experience and discuss technical topics. It is also frequently working in the field of social media and knowledge payment. After a series of layout plans, its ecosystem Also join a new member, the protagonist of this article

Before introducing the protagonist of this article, let's take a look at the explanation of the following two words:

  • Suitable : Refers to the appropriateness, a thing corresponding to the thing is very appropriate
  • Understand : From the heart to Dong, understand, which means that the "heart" has all aspects of the situation

Mentioning them is also because I want to put such a label on today's protagonist- CSDN browser plug- in!

  1. Know you better
  2. More suitable

One, understand you better

Summary of this section: To solve the various problems you encounter on the browser, whether you are a student or a veteran in the workplace, you can use this plug-in to create a personalized browser and improve the efficiency of work and study-CSDN

"Know you better" is the first label I put on it. If you don't believe it, you might as well follow me to understand how it follows your heart from multiple angles.

1.1 Simple design

Insert picture description here

Minimalist design style, simple but not simple, in all fairness, I always feel familiar when I open the page for the first time (the familiar feeling is because it is like a combination of Baidu search + bookmark + simple functions)

It took me 30s to remove part of the menu and change the background to my favorite wallpaper. Now it looks like this:

Insert picture description here

The first time I got to know it, it showed off its muscles and combined its own two contradictory adjectives, multifunctional and concise. It provided me with a super collection of small tools, including but not limited to:

  • Search by mainstream search engines
  • Personalized labels that are as smooth as a mobile app
  • The desktop of the computer, I can play for an afternoon after switching the wallpaper~

At the same time, everyone knows that a simple design style is not as simple as mechanically deleting or reducing website or page components/modules. On the contrary, every little detail in the interface has been paid attention to. I think this is a manifestation of understanding you (the user), right?

1.2 Pleasant experience

Now that we know that users are difficult to "handle", all functions are prominent and smooth. Things that can be done on one page, please be done on one page (leave a message in the comment area of ​​the get partner)

scene 1

Assuming that Yu Guang is an otaku who loves to chase anime, my most concern may be station B (5t5 cattle ~), and I love shopping, when I was 618, I can’t do without the blessing of calculator and Taobao discount, so the demand comes Up:

  • Utilities:
  • B station address
  • Comics
  • Taobao shopping

At this time, my browser looks like this:

Insert picture description here

Scene 2

Assuming that Yu Guang is a college student who loves to learn and is motivated, what I pay most attention to must be similar to MOOC, campus network, learning-related tools and website links.

  • Utilities:
  • Calculator
  • Learning address
  • One-click translation

At this time, my browser looks like this:

Insert picture description here

Is it a sense of accomplishment? Everyone can customize their browser according to their own style and habits, advanced~

And all of this is achieved through the function menu in the upper right corner + the wallpaper switch in the lower right corner, which shows that its potential is still huge:


Insert picture description here

The minimalist interface and diverse functional design are cleverly combined by this plug-in, where we make users, and also designers of their own browsers.

Two, more suitable for you

Summary of this section: As a development, we are pursuing efficiency and pursuing "lazy". Looking back on the course of technological and social development, we are constantly liberating labor and improving productivity.

As a development, let’s look at some operations that help us improve efficiency~

In any interface, press C to search with one key, and you can also search for bookmark history

  1. Press the letter "C" to call out the universal frame
  • Enter different short passwords in the universal box to realize one-key JSON conversion and one-key conversion
  1. One-click minimalist search
  • Under any webpage, press the letter "C" on the keyboard, and the universal search box will pop up. You can search the entire web content + local bookmarks + history with one click, which greatly improves the search efficiency.
  1. More shortcut keys:
  • Press "b" on the keyboard: search for bookmarks only; press shift+"t" on the keyboard to switch tabs
Insert picture description here

2.2 Technical documentation integration

Use the document query tool to directly lock

Insert picture description here

2.3 Extension of other technical tools

Many geeks are also keen to develop light and fast tools for themselves, such as:

  • Password management
  • Timestamp conversion
  • Base conversion
Insert picture description here

For development, one less mouse click and one less input of a letter are more efficient. Let them come into our lives and make our daily work more comfortable. In other words, the time spent on water skiing has increased. !

3. Suggestions

After simple use and digestion, I saw familiar places and discovered new features. In general, the plug-in experience greatly exceeded my expectations:

  • Provides more high-frequency operations during my development
  • It makes my daily surfing more convenient
  • The customized browser is cool
  • It has a strong CSDN as support and has great potential in the future

but! ! !

3.1 Suggestions (questions)

Text overlap caused by spacing

Insert picture description here

There is a certain threshold to get started

Insert picture description here

As a classmate who "doesn't understand" at all, where am I and who am I? So do you add more complete descriptions or examples for some functions?

failed to delete?

Insert picture description here

4. My impression

First impression:

Cool, surprise

scenes to be used

Internet surfing + development aids

Favorite feature

Tabbed page beautification + useful shortcut tools

Overall score (out of 5)

5 points! ! ! Not afraid of your pride


I hope this kind of warm and thoughtful product gets better and better

Five, download steps

I believe that the students who read here must have developed a strong interest in the CSDN browser plug- in

5.1 Plug-in home page and download address

Plug-in download link

5.2 Installation steps

Here is an intuitive operation for everyone

first stepDownload the installation packagedownload link
Second stepEnter the address "chrome://extensions/" in the browser to enter the extension page and turn on the developer mode
The third step (optional)crx file installation: drag and drop the crx file to the "chrome://extension" page to complete the installation
The third step (optional)Chrome store installation: go to the store to install

Then you can open a new tab page to operate~

Write at the end

My browser looks like this after a simple decoration:

Insert picture description here

I hope I can add more interaction with you. If you have customized your own browser page, please leave a message in the comment area and ask me to see it~

Students who have read here may wish to do a little thing and order a star for my GitHub repository ! Thanks♪(・ω・)ノ

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