Bytedance Java interview experience, the experience of 3 years old programmers, 100% helpful to you


My background introduction:

I am an undergraduate student majoring in computer science, and I am very honored to have gotten the offer from Meituan, Where? Byte, Kuaishou, Tencent~ After comprehensive consideration, I chose ByteDance. Today I want to share my interview experience, I hope it will be helpful to you. I have also sorted out my review materials, if necessary, you can privately message me to get it for free. Extraction code: 1

Personal experience:

  1. Keep a good attitude
  2. Even if
  3. Filling in the gaps
  4. Focus on the basics
  5. Go to more interviews and sum up experience

I summarized my experience in high-frequency interview questions from Dachang and showed it in the form of pictures at the end of the article.

Byte Beat Interview Questions:

One side: [45min]

After entering the byte, I was led to the interview area by Miss Personnel. There are many people waiting for the interview. The byte is worthy of being a first-line Internet company, and the interviewers are like going to the market.

  1. Self introduction
  2. Introduce the project process and what technologies are used in the project
  3. How to design your own system framework
  4. Let's talk about optimistic lock and pessimistic lock, what are the application scenarios
  5. How to deal with deadlock
  6. Write two stacks to implement queue code
  7. Tell me about the sorting algorithm you remember

Two sides: [60min]

I thought I could leave after the first side was over, but let me wait for a while, there will be a second interviewer to give me the second side, which is the technical side.

  1. Self introduction
  2. What is the difference between incoming lines and threads
  3. What is the difference between synchronize and lock
  4. How to deal with a deadlock in mysql
  5. Do you understand the Java garbage collection mechanism?
  6. The principle of hashmap
  7. Algorithm problem: There are 100 bottles of liquid, one of which is poison. A mouse will die a week after drinking the poison. Please give me a week, at least how many mice are needed to determine which bottle is the poison? (Change the serial number of the bottle to binary)

Three sides【30min】

The three-sided interviewer is very friendly, and there are no interview questions for me.

  1. Talk about the role of oracle
  2. Tell me what you hired for
  3. Talk about the understanding of the project
  4. How to start a project

At last:

The entire interview process took half a day. Hr asked me to go home and wait for news, and I waited for an offer the next night~. The gain is really great, and I learned about the current working environment and status of various first-line Internet companies. Work hard after joining the company. I hope you can get a satisfactory offer after reading the article~

I have sorted out all the review materials for everyone. If necessary, you can send me a private message and extract the code: 1