Centos7 install Redis

Preliminary preparation

1.1 Download the redis installation package

Address: https://download.redis.io/releases/redis-5.0.8.tar.gz

You can also download other versions, I download version 5.0.8 here.

1.2 Upload the installation package

Upload the downloaded installation package to the specified directory of the server, and then decompress it with tar -zxvf xxxx, such as:

Second check gcc

The installation of redis requires the c environment, so offline installation requires downloading some dependent installation packages.

2.1 Download link: https://vault.centos.org/7.0.1406/os/x86_64/Packages/


Choose to download the above to meet the installation needs.

2.2 After the download is complete, upload to the server and install via rpm

rpm -Uvh *.rpm --nodeps --force

--nodeps When installing the package, do not check the dependencies, for example, install B, B depends on C and can not be installed, use --nodeps to install successfully

--force force installation

2.3 Check whether the installation is successful

rpm -q gcc

Three install Redis

cd redis-5.0.8 enter the unzipped directory

3.1 Compile redis


3.2 Install the compiled files to the installation directory

make PREFIX=/usr/local/redis install

Note: PREFIX must be capitalized, and the redis directory will be automatically created for us at the same time, and the result will be installed in this directory

3.3 After the installation is complete, the following files will be generated in the /usr/local/bin/ folder

3.4 Configure redis.conf

cd into the installation package decompression directory, copy redis.conf to the installation redis directory

cd redis-5.0.8 mkdir /usr/local/redis/etc cp redis.conf /usr/local/redis/etc vim redis.conf

daemonize no change to daemonize yes

Change requirepass to redis123 (this is a redis add password)

appendonly yes comment on

3.5 Open service port

# 查看6379端口是否开启firewall-cmd --query-port=6379/tcp # 开启6379端口firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=6379/tcp

3.6 Redis startup

/usr/local/redis/bin/redis-server /usr/local/redis/etc/redis.conf

3.7 View process

ps -ef|grep redis

3.8 Client start

# 没密码./redis-cli  # 有密码./redis-cli -a redis123

3.9 Execute commands on the server

redis-cli -h host -p port -a password

The format is redis-cli –h IP address –p port –a password

3.10 Redis is closed

The first way

# 查询进度PID   ps -ef | grep -i redis# 关闭kill -9 PID

The second way

./bin/redis-cli shutdown

Four uninstall

4.1 First turn off the redis service
4.2 Then delete the redis-related files in the /usr/local/redis/bin/ directory

Insert picture description here
rm -rf /usr/local/redis/bin/redis*