Communication Gateway Machine-First

1 Introduction

I have been engaged in the power industry since my work, and I am very interested in power communication protocols, and have been engaged in related work, involving the development and application of IEC61850, IEC104, IEC103, Modbus and other protocols. There is a period of work experience, responsible for the maintenance and development of the communication management machine. The communication management machine at that time, due to cost and historical problems, was developed based on a single-chip microcomputer, and it was running naked. For the communication management machine, this kind of software architecture has relatively large problems in terms of maintainability and scalability, and it is difficult to meet the needs of many advanced applications. Therefore, there has always been an idea of ​​redesigning a communication management machine. After about two years of continuous reconstruction and optimization, a configuration-based gateway machine architecture based on real-time database was designed. From the field application effect, it is still very good.

In terms of development language, both the upper computer and the lower computer use Qt as the main development language, based on the Linux system. By adjusting the capacity of the real-time library, different hardware can be adapted. Application scenarios include protocol conversion, data collection, remote debugging, etc. For the expansion of functions, there is no need to change the architecture, only the corresponding protocol plug-ins need to be added, and the real-time library is also used as the interactive medium for the conversion between protocols to maximize decoupling and improve system stability. In this blog series, we are going to make a sharing record of the entire software architecture and the main communication protocol.

  1. Design of configuration configuration host computer based on Qt plug-in
  2. Design of Gateway Machine Based on Real-time Database
  3. Analysis of main points of IEC104 protocol
  4. Modbus protocol analysis and DIY configuration
  5. Development and Analysis of IEC61850-MMS Protocol
  6. Design of software encryption authorization
  7. Serial port transparent transmission TCP
  8. Remote debugging of serial port
  9. Remote debugging of the network port
  10. Remote application upgrade
  11. Remote configuration update
  12. Virtual device design
  13. Design of real-time message monitoring
  14. Design of management tool for real-time database

Main function interface

PC configuration tool

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