Confession of a programmer

Hello everyone, today I will introduce to you an original author: Su San talks about technology.

Su San works for a well-known Internet company, engaged in development, architecture and part of the management work. Have some research on the source code of open source frameworks such as spring, springboot, springcloud, mybatis, rocketmq, etc.

He has rich practical experience, participated in the design and development of multiple core systems, stepped on many pits, and gained a lot of valuable experience. He has some unique insights on high concurrency, high performance, distribution, security, etc.

The articles he wrote are very hard-core. On multiple platforms such as CSDN, Nuggets, Zhihu, Open Source China and Developer Headlines, the amount of reading and likes is very high, and they are deeply loved by readers.

CSDN platform:

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Know the platform:

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Nuggets platform:

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Developer headline platform:

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Here are some of his hardcore articles:

spring series

The main process of IOC in "Reading Spring easily"

Spring's code skills that you can't put it down

Those coding techniques you can’t put down in spring (sequel)

spring aop talk about something different

spring: How do I resolve circular dependencies?

Those little secrets of springboot automatic configuration

Using spring cache has instantly improved my interface performance by 100 times

Read this article on spring affairs before the interview, which made me ask for an extra 2k salary

High Concurrency Series

How to ensure the idempotence of the interface under high concurrency?

Some unusual pits I have stepped on for two years with Kafka

Are you not curious about the mess of mq?

How to solve the big headaches

Distributed regional issues, let us fight 300 rounds


Damn it, sql injection actually broke our system

Have you stepped on these pits of mysql? It's really hard to guard against

explain | Do you really know how to use this excellent sword of index optimization?

What are the regret medicines for misuse of the database?

Programming skills

Writing code like this is so handsome that I have no friends

9 tips to eliminate if...else to help you write more elegant code

These development skills of java8 stream, you are worth collecting


How to configure the optimal number of threads in the thread pool?

Do you know these 8 techniques to ensure thread safety?

development tools

Please stop using swagger, and recommend some online document generation artifacts for you

Learn these 10 kinds of timed tasks, I am a little lost

These 11 chrome artifacts are so cool to use

Using this artifact, my code bugs are reduced by half

Recently, I accidentally obtained a note written by a big BAT manufacturer, which immediately opened up my second line of Ren and Du, and I feel that the algorithm is not as difficult as I imagined.
The notes on brushing the questions written by the BAT boss, let me get soft on the offer