Design and Implementation of Classroom Management System Based on SSM Frame of JSP+MySQL

This classroom management system mainly includes multiple modules such as system user management module, floor information management module, school news management, classroom information management, login module, and logout module. It helps classroom management to achieve informatization and networking, and through testing, the system design goal is achieved. Compared with the traditional management mode, this system makes reasonable use of classroom management data resources, effectively reduces the economic investment of classroom management, and greatly Improve the efficiency of classroom management.

This system mainly includes multiple functional modules such as system user management, floor information management, application information management, and application information management. The following is a brief description of the requirements of these functional modules.

Administrator's login module: The administrator logs in to the system to manage other management modules of the system.

User's login module: The user logs in to the system, inquires about personal information, etc., and operates the available functions.

User registration module: Tourist users can register as users, and the system will feedback whether the registration is successful.

Add administrator module: add more administrators to the system, administrators include ordinary administrators and super administrators.

Floor information management module:

Floor information list: present the floor information table of the database to the administrator in the form of a list.

Add floor information: realize the administrator to add floor information.

Modify floor information: realize that the administrator can modify the floor information.

Classroom information management module:

Classroom information list: present the classroom information table of the database to the administrator in the form of a list.

Add classroom information: enable the administrator to add classroom information.

Modify classroom information: enable administrators to modify classroom information.

Application information management module:

Application information list: Display all application information of the system, which can be searched by keywords.

Application information deletion: delete application information that has been entered incorrectly or expired.

School news management module:

School news list: Display all school news in the system, which can be searched by keywords.

Delete school news: delete the school news that has been entered incorrectly or expired.

User module:

Data management: users log in to the system. You can view your own personal homepage.

System Information: Users can view their own system prompt information.

Modify information: Users can modify their account password.

Information search: Users can search for information on the site by keywords.

Password modification: The user can modify the personal login password.

System management module: including data backup.

Exit the module:

Administrator logout: used by the administrator to log out of the system.

User logout: The user is used to log out of the system.

System function structure diagram

System function structure diagram

SSM classroom management system front-end part of the interface

SSM classroom management system front-end part of the interface

SSM classroom management system backend part of the interface

SSM classroom management system backend part of the interface

Classroom Management System Design and Implementation I
summary I
Chapter 1 Introduction 1
1.1 Development Background 1
1.2 development meaning 1
1.3 1 contents
Chapter 2 technology and tools Introduction 1
1 2.1 JSP language
2.2 MySQL database a
2.3 JSP technology 2
2.4ssm Introduction 3
Chapter 3 System Analysis 1
3.1 Feasibility Analysis 1
3.1.1 Economic Feasibility 1
3.1.2 Technical Feasibility 1
3.1.3 Operational Feasibility 1
3.2 Demand Analysis 1
3.3 Business Process Analysis 2
3.4 Data Process Analysis 3
Chapter 4 System Design 5
4.1 System Structure Design 5
4.2 Functional Module Design 5
4.3 Database Design 6
4.3.1 Overview of Database Design 6
4.3.1 Conceptual Design 6
4.3.2 Table Design 7
Chapter 5 System Implementation 13
5.1 Basic Tasks 13
5.2 Implementation of login module 13
5.2.1 Home page implementation 13
5.2.2 Administrator background login 14
5.3 Implementation of user module 17
5.3.1 Implementation of registration module and login 17
5.2.2 The realization of the message module 19
5.2.3 The realization of the application module 20
5.4 The realization of the administrator module 22
5.4.1 The realization of the user management module 22
5.4.2 The realization of the floor information management module 24
5.4.3 The realization of the classroom information management module Realization 26
5.4.5 Realization of School News Management 28
Chapter 6 System Test 30
6.1 Test Purpose 30
6.2 Test Overview 30
6.3 Unit Test 30
6.3.1 Registration Test 30
6.3.2 Login Test 31
6.4 Integration Test 32
Chapter 7 Summary 33
Acknowledgements 34
References 34