Design and Implementation of JSP Second-hand Book Trading Platform

I have read second-hand books that are no longer needed, and buy the second-hand books that I need. This is a good way to deal with second-hand books. It allows website users to view all content as long as they log in to the second-hand book trading platform. Users can view news and updated information of second-hand books, and can learn about various book-related information as quickly as possible. This website is developed with JSP technology and MYSQL database for data storage

A. The system page of this subject is implemented by HBuilder software.

B. The information needed for this topic is realized by using MySQL to build tables.

C. This topic uses MyEclipse to write the background program of the system, including connecting to the database, dynamically reading the information required by the system from the database, and so on.

D. After the program programming is over, you need to publish the system through tomcat before you can access and use it.

Functional structure diagram of second-hand book trading system

Functional structure diagram of second-hand book trading system

The design and implementation of the JSP second-hand book trading platform is divided into four modules, user management module, book information management module, announcement management module, and user function module.

User management module: users include administrators, registered users, and unregistered users. Registered users can view and modify their own information, search for books, browse announcements, view information on books for sale and book purchases, publish and sell books and modify book status, delete books that have been sold, and can also publish and delete book purchase information. Registered users You can leave a message, mark the status of the message, and delete the message. Unregistered users can only search for books, browse announcements, and view information about books for sale and books for purchase. The administrator can publish, view, delete announcements, modify the login password, the administrator can view the information of books for sale, and can perform management such as addition, deletion, modification, and checking of registered users.

Book information management module: management of book information and book transaction information. Users can rely on this module to fill in second-hand book sales information and publish it on the Internet to sell second-hand books. You can also use this module to publish buying information for second-hand books. This includes publishing detailed information of second-hand books, viewing detailed information of second-hand books, publishing information about buying second-hand books, viewing buying information, and deleting information about buying books. Second-hand booksellers must manage the library.

Announcement management module: This module manages related announcements published on the website. Administrators can use this module to perform related operations such as posting and deleting announcements.

Social function module: This module exists independently of other modules, and is mainly responsible for the mutual transaction communication and contact between buyers and sellers through this function module to facilitate transactions. Including the realization of specific functions such as posting messages, marking message status, and deleting messages.