Do you also want to write a technical blog? This blog tells you how to choose a platform

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The content of this article: How to choose a technical blog writing platform

Do you also want to write a technical blog?  This blog tells you how to choose a platform

Technical blog, how to choose a platform

Writing a technical blog is bound to involve a question, where to write it ?

Hope that after reading this article, you can find the answer by yourself.

A platform where you can write technical blogs

You can choose from the following platforms. There is only a hint here. If you are still a new blogger, try not to build a personal blog by yourself. Even if someone tells you that building a personal blog has many advantages, don't go.

Because this is what a big guy said to you, " You have to write code in a notepad ", one meaning, he said he was stupid, you believe you are stupid, O(∩_∩)O~

  1. CSDN: ;
  2. Blog Park: ;
  3. Nuggets: ;
  4. infoQ: ;
  5. 51CTO: ;
  6. Open source China: ;
  7. Think about segmentfault: ;
  8. Know: ;
  9. Short book: ;
  10. Yunqi Community-Alibaba Cloud: ;
  11. Cloud + Community-Tencent Cloud: ;
  12. Huawei Cloud Technology Community: ;
  13. WeChat public account.

How to choose a platform

With so many technology platforms, it will inevitably involve the question of how to choose a platform. Below, Eraser will briefly introduce each platform for you and make a subjective comparison. The final decision is left to you.

At a glance, the homepage article publication time

Open the address of each platform mentioned above, and then find the blog recommendation page, that is, the blog homepage, and look for the publication time of the last three articles.

This method is mainly used to check the update frequency of platform articles. Today's date is June 6 .

  1. CSDN, just open 3 articles on June 4th, June 4th, June 5th;
  2. Blog Garden, because it is sorted by time, the most recent articles are all on June 6th;
  3. Nuggets, homepage article is marked 1 day ago, 2 days ago;
  4. infoQ, some articles have been published since just now, and they have been updated frequently;
  5. 51CTO, since the article was published one day ago, there is no problem;
  6. Open source China, the article was published one day ago, no problem;
  7. Thinking about segmentfault, the article was published on June 5;
  8. Zhihu, real-time update;
  9. Short book: real-time update;
  10. Yunqi Community-Alibaba Cloud, which has been updated recently;
  11. Cloud + community, updated recently;
  12. Huawei Cloud Technology Community has been updated recently;
  13. WeChat public account, updated in real time.

From the point of view of the frequency of article update alone, all platforms have posted recently, and there is no way to directly find the difference.

Continue to the above dimensions, add an indicator, the number of article updates.

Assuming that the number of recommended articles on the homepage yesterday is greater than or equal to 10, the score is 10; those who are not satisfied, how many points are recommended for the recommended articles, the scores of each platform are as follows:
  1. CSDN: 10 points
  2. Blog Garden: 10 points
  3. Nuggets: 10 points
  4. infoQ: 0 points
  5. 51CTO: 3 points
  6. Open Source China: 2 points
  7. Think or not: 0 points
  8. Know almost:/
  9. Short book:/
  10. Yunqi Community: 0 points
  11. Cloud + community: 1 point
  12. Huawei Cloud Technology Community: 2 points
  13. WeChat public account:/

Today is Sunday, so the data only represents the (free) real (time) situation.

The above data focuses on recommended articles. After all, the daily updated articles of each platform are far more than this number. This number can show how much the platform attaches importance to new articles.

From this dimension, CSDN , blog garden , and Nuggets won with perfect scores.

Second look, the main language of the homepage article

From this content, you can briefly see that the programming language you use, and the degree of importance on the platform.

  1. CSDN, no obvious tendency;
  2. Blog garden, no obvious tendency;
  3. Nuggets, mostly front end;
  4. infoQ, no obvious tendency;
  5. 51CTO, no obvious tendency;
  6. Open source China, no obvious tendency;
  7. If you think about it, the front end is mostly;
  8. Zhihu, not based on programming;
  9. Short book, not mainly programming;
  10. Yunqi Community, backend + server;
  11. Cloud + community, backend + server;
  12. Huawei Cloud, backend + server;
  13. Official account: No obvious tendency.

The content is roughly filtered out, Nuggets: front-end , thinking: front-end , Tencent Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud: back-end + server

You can choose the platform you want to reside on according to your main attack technology stack.

At the same time, Zhihu He Jianshu, because of its particularity, is not a technology-based platform community, and the follow-up is not among the alternative platforms.

The WeChat public account is also omitted because of its particularity.

Three look, home page article readings, likes, comments

The number of reads, likes, and comments of homepage articles can directly reflect the user activity in the community.

Choose any of the following recommended articles on the homepage and add a little personal comment

  1. CSDN: reading/943, like/43, comment/49, the data is relatively benign
  2. Blog Garden: Read/8, click /0, comment/0; the number of recommended articles on the homepage is so low!
  3. Nuggets: Read/335, like/10, comment 4; a bit like, there are comments, the data is average
  4. infoQ: Read /14, point at /0, comment 0; better than nothing
  5. 51CTO: Reading/945, Like/0, Comment 0; Reading, no interaction
  6. Open source China: Reading/9600, like 0, comment 0; such a high reading, there is no interaction
  7. Think or not: Read/247, like 6, comment 0; a little like, there are users
  8. Yunqi Community: Read/50, like 6, comment 0; low
  9. Cloud + community: reading/98, like 1, comment 0; low +1
  10. HUAWEI CLOUD: Read/86, like 1, comment 0; low +2

After a simple comparison, CSDN won. The three major cloud communities have very poor overall data.

There are no interactive communities and few active users. Data is the most direct feedback.

Four look, website activity

Website operation activities can reflect the importance of community operators or decision-makers to the technical community.

Below is a list of current activities on various platforms, focusing on technical writing activities.

  1. CSDN: The Force Project, the New Star Project, looking for the treasure of C station;
  2. Blog Garden: None;
  3. Nuggets: JAVA development combat, 30 days of writing challenges;
  4. infoQ: June update challenge;
  5. 51CTO: None;
  6. Open Source China: Essays for Graduation Season;
  7. Think or not: None;
  8. Yunqi Community: None;
  9. Cloud + community: none;
  10. Huawei Cloud: None

From the perspective of operational activities, only CSDN , Nuggets , infoQ , and Open Source China are currently in progress. Among them, CSDN and Nuggets have won. Nuggets are currently holding JAVA development actual combat article activities?

Five look, customer service contact information and response time

As users, we only need to read the article, but as an author, we cannot do without communication with customer service staff. Here you can measure the difficulty of contacting customer service on various platforms.

As service content, the current mainstream platforms are as follows.

  1. Special sections in the site, similar to forums;
  2. mailbox;
  3. In-site customer service;
  4. Writing group customer service;

The screenshots of the actual measurement are not shown here, and the efficiencies obtained are as follows:

  1. CSDN
  2. Nuggets
  3. infoQ
  4. Open Source China

The response time of other platforms is a bit slow, maybe my contact information is wrong~

Six look, fan value

Fan value is not a benchmark for money, but a reflection of the overall influence of the blogger.

This entry shows a subjective conclusion, a ranking obtained from a group of bigwigs’ discussions.

  1. WeChat public account
  2. Know almost
  3. Nuggets
  4. CSDN

The other platforms ranked the same, tied for first place.

This conclusion can only be a subjective conclusion. If you have different opinions, you are welcome to discuss it in the comment section .

Seven look, article editor

Article editors are divided into rich text editors and markdown editors. At present, programmers use markdown editors for mainstream writing.

The editor mainly considers the following content.

  1. Whether it supports Ctrl+V to directly copy clipboard pictures is very important;
  2. Whether it supports importing markdown offline files and directly transferring images is very important;
  3. Whether to support exporting markdown offline files;
  4. Whether to automatically support automatic saving is very important;
  5. Whether to support code highlighting, and the number of support is sufficient;
  6. Whether to support formula editing;
  7. Whether to support audio and video;
  8. If it is in markdown format, it is very important whether it supports tables.

It is a good editor to meet the above content.

Write at the back

The three platforms of Zhihu, Nuggets, and WeChat public account are of great value.

But because it is not a purely technical community, I can't elaborate on it. I hope some big guys can make additional explanations in the comment area.

End of this article.

The Dream Eraser was released on June 6, 2021 in Shijiazhuang, Hebei.
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