Dormitory Information Management System v2.0

Brand new 2.0 upgrade, technology stack SpringBoot + Vue + Shiro + Redis + MySQL
Project Description:

This project is the 2.0 series version of the JavaWeb project "Dormitory Information Management System" based on the SpringBoot+Vue framework. It is a management system designed to facilitate the management of students under the dormitory system.

Project function module:

User management: It is mainly used to manage the information of all college workers who use the system, including querying and updating information.

Student management: It is mainly used for the basic management of student information in the dormitory. It can also realize the functions of fuzzy query and batch deletion of student information.

Dormitory management: Mainly used to maintain the dormitory information under the academy, and you can view and update the dormitory information.

Authority management: It is mainly used for the role authority authentication of different levels of administrators under the academy system, and related authority management.

File management: It mainly includes the function of exporting data of users, students, dormitories, and visitors to Excel. By exporting to Excel, you can easily view related data information.

Visitor management: It mainly includes the registration and departure information of visiting students. It also supports querying the visit record information of a certain visitor according to the conditions. The administrator can also manually log out the students who have not logged out the visitor information.

System management: It mainly includes viewing and updating personal information, as well as the replacement of avatars and passwords, as well as the management of user operation logs and system abnormal logs. Project screenshot:

System function diagram:


system login page


home page

User module display page:

Student module display page:

Dormitory module display page:

Role permission module display page:

File module display page:

Visitor module display page:


System setting module display page:

Screenshots of the seven modules:







The dormitory information management system 2.0 series is no longer open source. If you need it, you can contact me to open the source code for a fee. After all, time and energy and my server are all costly. If you like it, don’t spray it if you don’t like it, thank you.