Easy excellent cms enterprise website system v1.5.1 with small program source code


Yiyou cms enterprise website building system is a set of open source cms developed by php+mysql specifically for website construction of small and medium enterprises.
It can be used to quickly build a corporate website (PC, mobile phone, and WeChat can all be accessed). The background operation is simple and the maintenance is convenient.


1. The background is simple and clear, the code is concise, using DIV+CSS is good for SEO
2. You can set SEO keywords for each page, which is good for search engines. You can set aliases for each page to make the access URL of the page more concise.
3. For corporate website development, it basically supports corporate website functions.
4. The kernel is ThinkPHP5 framework, template tags are easy to set and understand
5. Easy excellent templates are safe and easy to use
6. WeChat applet plug-in deployment

Installation Environment:

Server: Linux/Windows/Apache [recommended linux/apache]
PHP version: 5.5 or higher [recommended 5.5~7.2]
MYSQL version: 5.0 or higher [recommended 5.5+]

Alibaba Cloud Virtual Space [Preferred] Baidu Cloud Virtual Space
Western Digital Site Construction Host
Note: Must be installed in the root directory of the domain name, not in a subdirectory, otherwise the path will be wrong;

installation steps:

The first step is to upload to the space or server with ftp. The
second step: automatically pop out of the installation interface or "domain name/intstall" to join the installation interface.
Step 3: fill in the database information, and the default login password in the background.
Part 4: Installation is complete.
Background URL:
Background login: domain name/login.php
username: customized during installation

Update log:

1. [New] Tencent Cloud SMS;
2. [New] Document properties support custom configuration;
3. [New] The function of canceling review documents in batches;
4. [New] The file server name for downloading models can be fast Set and click;
5. [Add] The permission group adds an administrator to publish a document that is reviewed or pending review by default;
6. [New] Friendship link grouping;
7. [New] supports the second set of member center templates;
8. [New] Background skin theme color configuration;
9. [New] Notification in the background station;

Netdisk download address: