Finally, admitted to university!

I have gone through the college entrance examination twice, in 2009 and 2010, which is to repeat the exam .

Back in 2007, I was admitted to one of the best high schools in the county from the top class in a small town on the 18th line in Jiangxi. In the words of the third master of the Tang family, it was the only second best high school .

Because I was far away from home, I chose to live on campus, which resulted in no one to take care of, and my self-control was poor. I came into contact with novels and Internet cafes. There was a novel shop at the entrance of the school. I basically finished reading all the books in it. I also chose to go to Internet cafes for two days on weekends. .

The result of this kind of self-releasing is that the grades have been unable to improve. From the foundation laid by the top class, all the way down. The grades of each month exam are between the two and one of the exams. I am worried, but I just can’t control it. I am still sinking, with a hint of hope in my heart: Maybe the college entrance examination will perform beyond the ordinary?

Destiny will not value someone who despises it. In 2009, the college entrance examination score barely exceeded that of the second book. When all the friends around me were admitted to the exam and drinking and celebrating, my heart was full of bitterness, unwillingness and helplessness, fill in After a good volunteer, I stay at home and don't want to go out.

Waiting for the admission notice like a walking dead, the moment I received the notice, there was a voice in my mind telling me: Is it that way?

The ghostly tore off the notice and chose to repeat it.

Repetition starts with changes, and repetition without change will only lead to the same results . My study habits and learning methods have to be changed.

As soon as semester started, I shamelessly went to find the best teachers in various subjects and discussed with them the learning methods that suit me.

At the same time, increase investment in learning time.

At that time, there were three sessions in the evening self-study, and the last one was optional. If I didn't, I would basically go back to the bedroom to read novels or go for a stroll. I couldn't repeat the same mistakes, I had to change, and I had to be self-disciplined.

There are two ways to motivate a person to self-discipline. One is rewards and incentives, and the other is punishment. I made an agreement with the same table to supervise each other’s self-study on the last night. If anyone slips away, I will give each other 100 yuan. The monthly living expenses are 300. At the same time, I practiced writing in this evening of self-study and wrote the name of my favorite university a hundred times in my notebook: Harbin Institute of Technology . After finishing writing, read "Readers" and "Youth Digest" to relax.

Until the college entrance examination, neither of us received each other's 100 yuan, and he was admitted to his favorite university in the end.

After the college entrance examination, I sold a lot of books, but I left some test papers and the notebook, which are still in the cabinet in my hometown.

One month after the start of school, it seemed to be hanging up, the so-called sense of language in English came up, and the relationship between the various elements of chemistry was also connected in series. The mechanical analysis of physics was drawn and accurate. The mathematics rushed from 100 to 140, and the grades began to improve by leaps and bounds. In the mock test a month later, I suddenly rushed into the top 20 of the grade , and has been stable at this position since then, hitting the position of 985.

After I found the feeling of studying, my life was very comfortable when I repeated the study. I only need to study. Time flies quickly, and the college entrance examination is about to be done.

On June 7, 2010, I walked into a familiar examination room and felt very calm, as if it were an ordinary examination.

After the exam, I packed my things and went home. It took a few days before I started to evaluate the answer: If there is no major accident in the Chinese composition, the score is still satisfactory.

When I checked the score, I especially remembered that I was listening to Xu Song’s "Why Not?" and I was chatting with some kids in the QQ group about Xu Song’s best song. Someone in the class group said that I could check the score. I found the admission ticket nervously and calmly, opened the link to check the scores, and waited for the result with my eyes closed after input. When the singing ended, I opened my eyes, stabilized, and passed the exam!

After learning to count the scores, I ranked in the top ten, and then filled in the voluntary major smoothly, waited for the admission notice, and went to HIT.

Ten years have passed since the college entrance examination, but in May and June every year, there is always one day that reminds me of my high school career. After all, that is my highlight moment. It is the feeling of staying in the comfort zone. No effort, but every effort pays off.

From time to time, I would return to the college entrance examination site in my dreams, and when I got the math papers, I found that I couldn't understand a problem and woke up in a cold sweat.

After work, some people will miss the carefree life in college, and some people will reminisce about the years of struggle in high school. I should belong to the latter, because repeating that year taught me so much. I am very grateful for that time. Struggling myself.

It was a result to be admitted to the university of your choice after the repetition. This result tells me: hard work will definitely pay off.

At the same time, it gave me the confidence to face difficulties. There are always more methods than problems, just like the days when I changed my career to become a programmer, just like the days when I was frequently rejected by big companies because of the inadequate computer foundation. Setbacks will inspire fighting spirit. What are these failures, are they more difficult than squeezing through the single-plank bridge of the college entrance examination?

So when I changed my career as a programmer, I could learn from 8 am to 10 pm for half a year; so I could watch two hours of computer-related videos on Guangzhou Metro Line 5 with headphones; so I could come home after working overtime Later, I can stay up late to solve algorithm problems.

Recently, the term lying flat is very popular . In 2009, I could also lie flat, accept the bad and not bad college entrance examination results, choose not to repeat, go to a dissatisfied school, and finally find a dissatisfied job , With unsatisfactory salary, you can comfort yourself in the dead of night: this is also good , it is completely acceptable to lie flat.

But I was afraid. I was afraid that after accepting the result of lying flat , it would cause countless nights to be like drinking a glass of poisoned wine, but unable to sleep in pain, so I chose to repeat the reading, do the struggle at the time , and do it many times later. The struggle forced me to change careers and learn.

People from the media who said that lying flat are staying up late to write, those who are already lying flat have long been given tickets to the cinema, whether they are lying on the floor or lying on the sofa, they can watch the movie. If you have the capital or have a good mentality, you can lie down at any time. level.

There is nothing wrong with lying flat. Everyone wants to lie flat. As long as you can accept this result, if you don't, you should work harder and choose a higher place to lie down. Isn't it fragrant?

I just wrote this, the college entrance examination season, I sent it with feelings, and I wrote an article. I will have time to talk about how my university was abandoned and how I changed career after graduation: (