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CSDN Let's technology will be friends , gathered . The bloggers are very friendly and they speak very nicely . There are outstanding graduates holding dozens of manufacturers offer; there hoot situation , battle-hardened workplace veteran; of course, the desperate difficulties and obstacles , trials and hardships of the business elite , who are the future of the motherland pillars of the material , they gathered in CSDN , its own single-handedly , to shine , to write a magnificent poem !
Well ado, then let's take a look at the god of all areas is how to organize their life secrets written made public in.

1. Algorithm

[Link] column ❤️ ❤️ dead of night to write algorithms
[column] About ten years contest summary, middle and high school OI competition, ACM contest University, a job interview LeetCode general algorithm Complete Works.
[Author's profile] Where does the hero come out , three years of ACM, school training team captain, Asian regional gold medal, a simple trip to the world finals, it is not important to win prizes, the most important thing is to participate. I have worked at NetEase for many years, and I am currently at Byte. The vision of the past, now and the future is: let the world have no difficult algorithms to learn!

[Link] column ❤️ ❤️ daily Blue Bridge
[Column] Introduction accumulated eight years Blue Bridge Cup Zhenti, Zhenti comprehensive analysis of data structures, algorithms thoughts, answer techniques and answer source!
[Author's profile] Gray Little Ape , a CSDN blog expert, a high-quality creator in the JAVA field, repeats simple things, repeats things seriously, and does serious things creatively.
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Two, C language

[Column link] ❤️C language of the big talk series ❤️
[Column introduction] The dialogue mode teaching, humorous and interesting, is well received!
[Author's profile] 1_bit , CSDN blog expert, Blue Bridge contract author, 2020 blog star TOP5, CSDN novice tutor.
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Three, Python

[Column link] ❤️Snowball to learn Python❤️
[Column introduction] From 0 to 1, I will write you a complete set of Python language tutorials, and tell you how to quickly learn Python skills. Snowball learning Python, and strive to provide a feast of Python learning for everyone with a relaxed style of writing on a complete program of knowledge.
[Profile of the author] Dream Eraser is the sister of Eraser , who was born in the game industry and is currently the product manager of a million-monthly mobile app. She has 10 years of experience in the Internet industry, has written code, done testing, done management, and started a business. He has led the column of 100 Python crawlers in 2019, is the initiator of Snowball Learning Python in 2020, and the initiator of the Python OpenCV 365-day learning plan in 2021.
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[Column link] ❤️Python field❤️
[Column introduction] Python basic knowledge and practical skills. Help you improve work efficiency and make progress together!
[Author's profile] Simply OnlineZuozuo has not heard of Penglai, but has a glimpse of the first sage's legacy. Therefore, build dreams in this life, run and chase them; climb and climb with the greatness of Mount Tai; live in the world with a quiet and elegant heart.
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Four, Java

[Column link] ❤️Introduction to Java Basics ❤️
[Column Introduction] This column is suitable for zero-based learning J a v a Java J a v a, Tells in humorous, easy-to-understand language  J a v a Java J a v a Basic content, after reading my column, you will definitely be  J a v a Java J a v aHave an understanding of your own.
[Profile of the author] Bu Xiaochan , an IT practitioner who majors in network but is very interested in programming, is currently studying J a v a Java J a v a, Mainly self-study, B station, C station as supplement, look forward to your attention, follow me a little progress every day, in the future, we will be the big brothers (^U^)ノ~
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[Column link] ❤️SSM in-depth analysis and project combat ❤️
[Column introduction] The column starts with the explanation of the source code components of Spring, Spring MVC and MyBatis, and then goes to the basic application of SSM, and gradually penetrates into the core features of SSM and the final project combat. Through the study of the column, readers can more easily understand the design and thinking of the SSM framework, so that they can be better used in actual work.
[Profile of the author] Recalling Top11 of 2020 Blog Star, Chairman of Alibaba Cloud ACE Hangzhou City Association. When I was young, I wrote C and C++, and also used Cocos2dx to develop games. The Android, IOS, and PC pages were all developed. Currently focusing on Java development, SaaS kernel and metadata research.
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Five, the front end

[Column link] ❤️Little lion front-end Vue advanced brochure ❤️
[Column introduction] This column is suitable for developers who understand the general knowledge framework of the front-end, interview for jobs, and understand the knowledge points of large factories. The knowledge system is well-designed and easy to understand. The column will continue to be updated for at least one year, so that you can understand the front-end and get the front-end!
[Profile of the author] One hundred Chocolate , 2021 undergraduate, working for Tencent, CSDN blog expert, with the same name on the whole network [100 Chocolate], engaged in the front-end field, Vue, React, JS, LeetCode, algorithm enthusiast.
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[Column link] ❤️JavaScript basic internal skills ❤️
[Column introduction ] Lay a solid foundation for future advancement . Mind mapping, code analysis, and real interview questions will help you establish a basic front-end knowledge system at one time. 10 pieces of dry goods plus a summary of the actual interview questions, the basic types of packages, scope, function execution, prototype prototype chain, etc., covering all the basic knowledge points of the front-end knowledge system and the high-frequency interview points.
[Profile of the author] Yu Guang, once you step out of your comfort zone, your inner pain is the driving force that motivates you to move forward.
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Six, the back end

[Column link] ❤️I want to use Python to trade stocks, and then stun everyone! ❤️
[Column introduction] I want to use python to trade stocks, and then stun everyone!
[Profile of the author] I am Xiaobai , from Shangougou, New York The child of, an ordinary programmer. Now studying in the Department of Finance at the University of Massachusetts, self-taught computer and artificial intelligence. Inspirational to contribute to the open source community with a meager strength. People live for tomorrow, because there is a sunrise in the memory dew.
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Seven, games

[Column link] ❤️Unity3D god-level solution ❤️
[Column introduction] Unity3D-related knowledge, technology, pits, and experience.
[Author profile] Lin Xinfa , graduated from South China University of Technology, CSDN certified Unity3D game development field high-quality creator, CSDN blog expert, has been engaged in U3D game development since 2015, and has been writing technical blogs since 2015, recording and I have shared a lot of knowledge, technology, mining pits and experience, hoping to help students in need.
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8. Artificial Intelligence

[Column link] ❤️Python+TensorFlow artificial intelligence ❤️
[Column introduction] This column is an introduction to artificial intelligence column, using Python3 and TensorFlow to implement artificial intelligence related algorithms. In the early stage, the installation process, basic grammar, neural network, visualization, etc. are introduced, and CNN, RNN, LSTM and other codes are explained in the middle, and subsequent applications such as image processing, text mining, natural language processing, speech recognition, and target detection are reproduced.
[Profile of the author] Eastmount-Yang Xiuzhang , after studying hard and admitted to the BIT, in order to fulfill his dream of teaching, he gave up IT, aerospace and other jobs to become a university teacher at your fortune, and wanted to pass on what he learned to himself. Of students, help more strangers. Currently studying for a PhD in Wuhan University.
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[Column link] ❤️100 examples of deep learning ❤️
[Introduction to the column] 100 examples of deep learning, continuously updated...
[Profile of the author] Student K , CSDN blog expert, gitChat author, and excellent author in the field of artificial intelligence.
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Nine, operation and maintenance

[Column link] ❤️Operation and Maintenance Interview Cheats❤️
[Column Introduction] This column is a summary of the interviews of the trainees in the past year, covering all aspects from technical issues to HR issues. The system teaches you how to avoid pits and prevent communication The problem leads to the failure of the interview.
[Author Profile] Internet Lao Xin , Internet Lao Xin, CSDN blog, Zhima Technology CEO, angel investor, Internet company for 12 years, worked as an operation and maintenance architect, technical VP and other positions, after freelance, direct or indirect help Those who need interviews do employment counseling and career planning, and occasionally go to investment companies for guest positions. At present, he has helped nearly 3,000 small partners to do career counseling and job referrals.
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10. Interview with a major factory

[Column Link] ❤️Dachang
Interview Questions❤️ [Column Introduction] Humorous and humorous interpretation of the source code, truly restore the Dachang interview scene, a must-have to impact Dachang!
[Profile of the author] CRUD sketch master , a pioneer in the impact of big manufacturers, high-quality creators in the Java field, let us work together to create our own world in this super-volume era!
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