Fun practiceUsing Python to customize a cute villain

Warm a pot of dusty wine and drink the past alone.

I. Introduction

There are some websites that can generate villains online, which look cute and interesting. The generated pictures are a good choice for materials!

Upuptoyou is a very creative gadget that can be used for confession, or holiday blessings and other scenes. Holding a placard is a supportive attitude and a spirit of believing in hope. Every cute little person represents support. Your people, inspire you. No one is lonely in the world of placards. Sometimes you need to face the difficulties in front of you alone. The villain will accompany and encourage you, and use placards to support you toward hope. We believe that there are many beautiful things waiting for us to hold high, and continue to spread such spirit and encouragement.


We can click PLAY, enter text in the floating box, and get a real-time preview. If we are not satisfied with the villain, we can randomly replace the villain, or adjust the background color. After the adjustment is satisfied, we can download the villain image to the local.

There are also two toolbox websites that can also be implemented:

These two websites have other interesting features worth playing, such as Ye Tingyun's favorite, generating ancient style avatars!

The following is a demonstration for you to use Python to generate a cute villain~~

Two, python implementation

The complete code is as follows:

The effect is as follows: