Getting started with MySQL download


mysql download

Configuration Environment

Add your mysql path to Path in the environment variable,
such as: D:\2345Downloads\mysql-8.0.25-winx64\mysql-8.0.25-winx64\bin

Configuration file

In the mysql root directory, create a new mysql.ini folder with the following contents


# 设置mysql客户端默认字符集


port = 3306 

# 设置mysql的安装目录

# 设置mysql数据库的数据的存放目录

# 允许最大连接数

# 服务端使用的字符集默认为8比特编码的latin1字符集

# 创建新表时将使用的默认存储引擎

Configuration command

Enter the following command under the bin path of mysql to generate the data file.
mysqld --initialize-insecure
Install the service.
mysqld --install
Start mysql
net start mysql
so that mysql is started.

Set mysql time zone

mysql -hlocalhost -uroot -p
Press Enter, the default password is 123456, if you see the time zone is SYSTEM, it is not set.
Set Dongba time zone
set global time_zone = '+8:00';

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IDEA configure MySQL

After starting mysql, we can also configure mysql to IDEA project.
Open IDEA, View -> Tool Windows -> Database, create a new MySQL

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there is no item to configure MySQL , you can leave it blank.
Click Test Connection. The link failed for the first time. Later, I found that the MySQL downloaded by default did not have a time zone set. You can test after setting the time zone. Then you can complete IDEA configuration of MySQL. .