[Graduation Season] Review the job hunting experience of the third year and the fourth year, and share the employment experience with the students

Today is my last day in college...

At the graduation party, following the ghost step dance, the group’s promotion, and the final callout, it was also announced that my university life was over. I still remember that I was still a member of the ghost step dance as a freshman, and finally again at the graduation party. When I saw the familiar music and pace, I couldn't help but sigh. The freshman's ghost dance seemed to be yesterday, and today is four years later...

Here are some background pictures of the scene:

Our journey is the sea of ​​stars
The best recommendation in the group is the most familiar sentence: Xiaoguang, you can!
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Ghost Step Dance

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Those things in the graduation season

Thesis defense

On June 3, I completed my undergraduate thesis defense. Although I was not rated as excellent in the end, it was still pretty good overall. At least the format of the thesis could not be faulted!

Take graduation photos

Although there is no flying hat scene, we are the best looking in costumes~

The best of us, the most beautiful meeting

Sharing employment experience


Back to the topic, I will review my experience of job hunting in the three and four stages below, mainly about some of my own mental journey. As for interview skills and how to learn knowledge points, I think I have already shared the points of the previous seniors and seniors. , It doesn’t matter if there are some places that are not mentioned. I will write an article about preparing for an interview and skills in the future. Secondly, you can also add a WeChat with me. If you succeed in entering a large company in the future, don’t forget to give me a feedback. It can help everyone to be very happy~

I will pick up the water cup and tell you about my affairs with Chun Zhao Qiu Zhao

Resume for the first time

After the end of the first semester of the junior year, the winter vacation was ushered in. Before the winter vacation, the school organized students to participate in the National College Student Service Outsourcing Competition. In fact, there would be participation in the sophomore year. However, due to technical reasons, there was no way to complete the competition and the junior year was not organized. Go to the right teammate, think about it, go home and study honestly.

Until February, I found senior Zhijie, and I want to ask if I still need to continue playing acm in the next semester of my junior year, because I personally feel that my upper limit is not very high, and I may still want to find a good job in the future. If I continue to play, I still think it will take a lot of time.

After communicating with the senior, after comprehensive consideration, I decided that it is more important to find a job. Then the senior asked suddenly: I started to look for it, now I can start to deliver my resume.

I was also surprised at first because I was not very clear about the time to find a job. I learned later that it turned out that I can usually start looking for internships before the next semester of the junior year, and our class was quite miserable. During the epidemic, many companies closed their recruitment portals, which reduced many employment opportunities at once. Although some large companies are still recruiting, the job requirements (HC) are not many.

I still remember that I finished my first resume. I was very excited at the time. I felt that this resume was enough to meet the needs of the company, but it was still too young.

The first company I delivered was still fresh in my memory. Yes, I was convinced, because the company’s school teachers mentioned it, and then there were seniors and sisters working there, so I delivered this as the first company. My mentality at the time What is it like? (Maybe you will feel the same as me when you submit your resume for the first time)

To be honest, I didn’t know much about the front-end knowledge at that time, so I read the blog post of the big guy. I read it from beginning to end. I rushed to remember for three days. I felt that the above was almost memorized, so I just waited for the company to meet me. I'm quite confident while nervous. I don't think it's casual. I even thought about going to Shenzhen, and then I was thinking about some points to pay attention to (it feels a bit swollen).

It’s been four or five days since I posted my resume. I still haven’t received any interview invitations. After the last week, ah, I feel like it’s still out of the picture. All of a sudden, my sense of passion plummeted. The first resume was delivered and it fell to nothing...

Do not give up, continue to deliver

Later, I learned about interview skills and resume delivery channels through online channels. The first thing I learned was Niuke.com and BOSS direct recruitment. I did not expect to receive an interview invitation from Tencent on BOSS direct recruitment. I was excited. The feeling at the time was My waist straightened up right away, good guy, good guy, I'm going to meet Tencent. Tencent has taken a fancy to me. It's a bit more outrageous. The night I received the interview invitation, I still had insomnia, because the interview was due the next afternoon. , It was also my first interview. I still remember that I had a total of more than two hours in the afternoon that day. The interviewer asked a lot of basic knowledge. After the interview, I posted a dynamic in the circle of friends:

But none of my answers are very good. In the follow-up review, I found that I was answering many questions incorrectly, and the answers were not correct. Many problems are learned on blogs or notes, but some of them are not guaranteed to be correct. Later, I learned the importance of reading official documents.

This is the final result of the interview, it is conceivable that it still fell to one side. This enthusiasm for my entire interview has dropped a lot. In the follow-up review and summary, I am reflecting on whether my basic knowledge is not solid enough. I also think that my resume is not rich enough, and I don’t have a good project experience to communicate with the interviewer. So in April I plan to follow a tutorial on the Internet to do a challenging project. People think that this challenging technology stack relatively new project will give me a lot of help, but I dug a hole for myself when I was interviewing my own beating company. The interviewer of this project mentioned some business processes, and I answered The answer is very vague, and the overall feeling is not very good, so the interviewer asked me the relevant basic knowledge. At that time, I also did not answer very comprehensively. It was relatively simple. Some simple js and css questions could not be answered because of the knowledge points. I don't remember well, I also behaved very nervously.

In the follow-up review, I found that I did that project in April, and I didn't sort out my basic knowledge points very well. Because I felt that the project experience was particularly important at the time, so I ignored the basic knowledge and skills that I needed most. At the same time, I also missed the prime time for spring recruitment to find an internship, March and April. I missed the best time for delivery in many companies. For example, JD.com was hiring at that time. At that time, the boss Ruofeng in the class said that JD.com had HR per capita. When I wanted to vote, many of them had already entered the follow-up interview process. , There is no chance for a written exam.

The last sentence is that basic knowledge is particularly important.

Learn lessons and regain knowledge

After learning the previous lessons, I regained the basic knowledge. In May, I prepared to review and consolidate the basic knowledge while submitting my resume.

We only returned to school in May because of the epidemic. Lastly, in May, I saw that Hang Seng Electronics Company released recruitment information. So I summoned up the courage to submit my resume. At that time, the overall interview process was relatively watery, with only one side, and the interview time was only 20 minutes. Simply asked a few basic front-end questions and some experience about the school. Finally, I was lucky and received an offer from Hang Seng Electronic Front End. Thinking about Hang Seng Electronics, I think it is still good. For larger companies, the time is relatively late. So I ended the delivery of spring recruits and started my internship journey in Hangzhou~

As for some of the internship process, I won’t go into details here. I mentioned it before, "Growth Road" waved 2020, Chocolate's annual summary, encounters| thoughts| learned| learned (annual essays)

The autumn move opens, overcomes all obstacles

I mentioned the internship above. I submitted an internship resignation application for about a month and a half. I still wanted to try more opportunities in the autumn recruitment, so I returned home and kept the same status as the spring recruitment. I originally thought about having an internship. Experience, the difficulty of the interview is relatively difficult to say that it will be much smaller, but in fact, this internship experience does not feel very helpful to me, and I feel that the interviewer is not very interested.

From the current point of view, interns rarely come into contact with challenging jobs. Generally, the job is relatively simple, and the main thing is to be familiar with the working environment, rhythm and process.

ByteDance again

The first company I interviewed in the autumn recruitment was ByteDance. Yes, I came to meet again. At that time, when I was in the internship, the HR of the Byte Advertising System Business Group called over and saw me. There is an interview record, and I want to ask if I have any ideas to continue to come to the advertising system, so I set an interview time for the third day when I returned home. In the last few days of internship, I prepared the basics. Knowledge, at 8 pm on August 27 (Thursday), I opened my second byte beating interview. On the one hand, I was much more confident than the first interview. I mentioned some of the things that I had a solid grasp and started. As for the knowledge points to be prepared, I didn't expect the interviewer to give me a chance to show it. On the one hand, I passed it smoothly. It was also the first time I entered the two-sided link since the autumn recruitment! ! !

I thought it would be very hopeful to enter the byte beating, but it still fell on the second side. I still remember that the last problem was what happened during the WeChat scan code. A brief introduction is the principle of WeChat scan code. , There is no question about this question in the face-to-face, and the answer is not very good.

"Byte Beat-Advertising System" Autumn Recruitment Interview Resumption Summary

Tencent-QQ Music

During this period, I updated my resume on Tencent’s official website. I still remember that the school teacher built a Tencent internal push group. I also encouraged everyone to post more. At least try it. If you fail, you can find gaps. August 28 (Friday) One side was held at 10:30 in the morning, but one side was a phone call. The interviewer asked some tricky questions. It happened to be something I was not familiar with. The interviewer quickly hung up the phone. Tencent has no fate...

"Tencent-QQ Music" Autumn Recruitment Interview Resumption Summary

Ali-Dharma Academy

Soon after the Tencent interview, I received the news from Boss that I was directly hired. Some senior executives from Ali saw my resume and thought it was appropriate. They pushed me back. I didn’t expect that it was Ali-Damo Academy, and they actually gave me an interview opportunity?

I didn’t think about anything. I had an interview at 3 pm on August 29 (Saturday). The whole thing was to learn about college courses, because I saw my CSDN blog with notes on image processing and data mining, and then I asked about it. The demand will be relatively high, but this is only a course in the university, and the undergraduate still won't have a deep contact. Finally, the interview ended without receiving any follow-up news.

"Ali Intelligence Business Group-Dharma Academy-Machine Intelligence Technology Department" Autumn Recruitment Interview Review Summary

Didi-Orange Heart Optimum Triple Noodles

Didi’s written test is not difficult. There are only two basic programming questions, so I naturally received an interview invitation. On September 5th (Saturday) from 1:00 to 3:00 pm, it was the first time I experienced three. I felt a little tired after the interview. The first two interviews were not very difficult, but there were some questions that were not answered very well. At the last interview, the director asked me such a question, how do you give it to me? People in non-disciplinary classes talk about computer networks?

In fact, I was more excited after the three-sided face, thinking that since I have three-sided face, I probably want me more. I was also thinking about going to Didi at the time, but in the end I received a failed text message. , Self-confidence in interviews has dropped a lot. I started to worry about the number of companies. Although other companies have invested, they usually have resumes falling apart and there is no opportunity for interviews. Often these big companies will give me interview opportunities.

But the big company is almost ready, I am a little worried about whether there will be an interview opportunity, after all, it is now September...

"Didi-Orange Heart Optimal" Autumn Recruitment Interview Review Summary

Kuaishou-efficiency engineering

I had a quick hand side at 11 am on September 10 (Thursday). The overall feeling was pretty good. The interviewer told me that there would be an interviewer to visit me in the follow-up, and finally ended with no news. The entire interview process...

"Quick Hand-Efficiency Project" Autumn Recruitment Interview Review Summary

NetEase Interactive Entertainment

After the quick interview, I took a written test of NetEase Interactive Entertainment at 7 pm on September 11 (Friday). There were a total of 4 programming questions. Overall, I only did about 2 and a half questions. I was a little worried that I did not have an interview opportunity. On the afternoon of September 23 (Wednesday), I remembered that I was still taking an information security laboratory class and I was still in the computer room. I received the interview invitation email. I was also quite excited. I didn't expect to have an interview opportunity. This made me worried. I calmed down, and at 5 pm, I had one side. The overall feeling was pretty good. I didn't receive any news in September. I originally thought that NetEase was nowhere near me, just like the previous interview.

"NetEase Interactive Entertainment-CC Live Broadcasting Business Group" Autumn Recruitment Interview Resumption Summary [The process has been completed]

Byte Beat Again-Feishu

At 7 pm on September 20 (Sunday), the written test invitation sent by Feishu was conducted. There were 3 multiple-choice questions, 2 multiple-choice questions, then 3 programming questions, and all 3 programming questions were all A. Compare Simple, it is a basic question, a medium-difficulty question, I have done it all. It is also the first time I got a full score in the written test. I received a call from HR afterwards. I scheduled an interview at 5 pm on September 29 (Tuesday). Combining the status of the previous face byte, I think this side must be stable, but often the result is unexpected. Yes, I ended the interview process without receiving any news, and then I looked at Niuke’s post. Feishu gives interview opportunities every day, and then brushes KPIs. I don’t know if this is the case. I’m not lucky, so keep working hard!

Then, the interview process in September is over, and in a blink of an eye it comes to the National Day period.

"Byte Beat-Feishu" Autumn Recruitment Interview Review Summary

What did I do during the double festival

During the National Day period, I adjusted my state in advance. I no longer brushed my face warp. I felt that I didn’t need the so-called face warp anymore. I put aside my burden and settled down to study knowledge points, and insisted on following myself every day. Thematic brush leetcode.

Here, I am also grateful to the sentimental Mr. Ono for his video. I learned a lot of knowledge from him. During the National Day, I learned a lot from the teacher, and followed Vue related source code.

In addition, during the National Day, I have learned the system React, from React16版基础the learning Redux, then learning React Router, and finally learned React Hooks, basically learn to follow directions, from the simplest todoListto at todoListthe end, very smooth.

After the double festival, my feeling

In just a few weeks, I feel that both my technical worldview and basic knowledge are much better than the previous month. Regarding the interview, I found that I have been able to calmly face the interview, and it is no longer a reminder before the interview. Then after finishing the interview, I am anxious about my results.

And before, I was fortunate enough to read an article. As for the source, I don't know where it is, but the general content of the article is as follows:

Autumn recruits have to persevere. If there is no success in August, then stick to it steadily in September. If there is no success in September, then hit October. Persevere, there will be opportunities. The autumn move is not over yet!

Yes, sometimes we set an end time for ourselves. I don’t know if you read here will be the same as the original me, thinking that September is the countdown, and September has passed, so we announce that the autumn move is over. . I don’t think so now. What we have to do is to persevere and cut off the interference from the outside world. Even if others get the offer early, we can’t be anxious about it. Finding a job is our own business. We can do it later. But don't be impatient. On the one hand, the end of the autumn move is indeed over in time, and on the other hand, it is the end of our preparedness mentality.我们要做的是稳扎稳打,坚持下来,就算到10月份还是有机会的,机遇永远是给有准备的人!

Meituan-unforgettable experience

When it comes to Meituan, this experience is more unforgettable. I have already gone to the HR side, the salary has been fixed, and the offer was ruined in the end...

As for this experience, I won’t elaborate on it here. In fact, you can also see it on Niuke.com posts, which is also called a hundred Chocolates.

"Meituan-Two Wheeler Department" Autumn Recruitment Interview Review Summary

Tengyun button nail

Finally, on November 18, 2020, I received an invitation. After a total of two rounds of technical interviews, one round of director interviews and HR interviews, I received an offer on December 07, signed three parties afterwards, and went to the company for two internships. Month, I feel very good~

to sum up

Finally, I wish you who have read here, you will be able to successfully get a satisfactory offer during the Spring and Autumn Recruitment Road, and students who are still in the sophomore year, determine their own direction as soon as possible, whether it is for postgraduate entrance examination or job hunting, keep your original intention and persist. Go down!

Learning is like rowing upstream.