Grain Mall Order Process

Grain Mall Order Process

The premise is that there is no login

Redis before joining (this is the shopping cart of the previously logged-in user)

add to Shopping Cart

Click the shopping cart to check out

(Note the redis at this time:) A key of the unlogged user is temporarily stored in redis

Click to check out to verify whether you are logged in

Sign in

Enter account password

Click on the shopping cart after logging in (Note: Some are to add the temporarily stored goods to the redis with the login user ID as the key and delete the temporary key when logging in; and some are to execute the above business logic when accessing the shopping cart list. In both cases Anyone who has encountered it can solve the problem. Here is the latter case.)

At this time redis (delete the temporary key and merge it into the key of the login user ID)

Click to checkout

Click to submit the order (if the stock is sufficient)

Choose Alipay

Click next

confirm payment

Next you can configure to return to the order list page after your payment is completed. The entire ordering process is clear at a glance.

Finally, you can think about a few questions: