Guazi second-hand car analysis system based on Django + Vuejs separation of front and back ends (original, with source code)

Guazi second-hand car analysis system based on Django + Vuejs separation of front and back ends## The title
specifically states that this is a learning project that I recently participated in full-stack practice development. The first phase of the assignment is the only CSDN in the whole CSDN, the only Gitee, and the framework has been The crawler can be expanded into other types by itself. The actual rendering is at the end. This project can only be used for learning and cannot be used for illegal use. The source code is at the end of the text. If there is an environment construction problem, you can contact for help:

  • The front end of the project uses vuejs (vue-admin-template framework)
  • The project backend uses django (django restfult framework)
  • Front-end chart uses echart
  • Roles distinguish management and ordinary users
  • The crawler uses the basic request
  • The database uses the mysql
    project structure:
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"Software Requirements Specification"

1 Introduction

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this document is to introduce in detail the requirements contained in the Guazi Second-hand Car Analysis System, so that customers can confirm the exact requirements of the product and developers can design according to their needs. The following description will combine text descriptions, flowcharts, interface prototypes and class diagrams, etc. To describe the function, performance, user interface, operating environment, external interface and various responses of Guazi used car analysis system.
The intended readers of this document are customers, project managers, developers, and other competitors and unrelated personnel related to the project.

1.2 Scope

The product introduced in this document is Guazi Used Car Analysis System, and the main users of this program are college students. The purpose is to allow users to keep accounts anytime and anywhere through the program, as well as a regular reminder function, so that users can fully understand the direction of their money.

1.3 Definitions, abbreviations and abbreviations

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1.4 Reference documents

1.5 Overview

Chapter 2 of this document will describe the general factors that affect the product and its requirements, and provide the background of the requirements for readers to understand easily. In Chapter 3, the requirements will be defined in detail, and the acceptance verification standards will be given in Chapter 4. Chapter 5 reserves the needs that need to be supplemented later.
This document is compiled by PM and developers after interviews with users.

2. General description

2.1 Product description

With the improvement of the quality of life, many families have the idea of ​​replacing vehicles. As a result, the second-hand car market is becoming more and more popular. In order to find a suitable second-hand car, it takes a lot of time and energy. For second-hand car market researchers, there is currently no convenient analysis tool on the market to grasp market trends. In order to solve the above problems, it is urgent to develop an analysis system that can meet the above requirements. Therefore, based on the largest used car online trading platform Guazi used car, a visual analysis platform has been developed.

2.2 Product features

Figure 1 System function

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The main functions of Guazi Used Car Analysis System are:

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2.3 User characteristics

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2.4 Constraints

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2.5 Assumptions and dependencies

·Users urgently need a used car analysis system.
·The development team all master the relevant knowledge needed to develop the system.
· Sufficient development time.

Dependent aspects:
User information depends on the user information database.
·The operation depends on the program application.

3. Specific needs

3.1 Software function list

List all the functions of the software in tabular form, and display the hierarchical relationship of requirement items in indentation mode.
Software function table

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3.2.2 Function description Registration page
·Enter key fields to register Login page
·Enter account and password to log in Homepage
·Display personal account information
·Carousel chart displays the latest three vehicle information Analysis-Chart
· View collected data
· View visual analysis data Analysis-source data
· View collected source data
· Set filter conditions to filter data Collection management
· Start collection
· Stop collection Personal settings-Reset password
·Enter the old password and the new password to reset
·Stop collecting Personal settings-Personal information
·Modify key field information Management background-Vehicle information management
· Can add, delete, modify and check vehicles Management background- User management
, users can be added, deleted, modified, and checked
. Users can be configured with roles and permissions

3.2.4 Interface list Interface list
Software interface list

Insert picture description here Interface design
REQ-SI-001 Register interface
name: register
access: /api/register

REQ-SI-002 login interface
name: login
access: /api/login
{"code":200,"data":{"token":"xxxxxxx","username":"15914063350"}, "message":""}

REQ-SI-003 User personal information interface
name: info
access: api/user/info
REQ-SI-004 carousel picture interface
name: pics
access: /api/pics
input: none
 REQ-SI-005 Logout Interface
Name: logout
Access: /api/logout
Input: None

REQ-SI-006 Vehicle statistics interface for each price of the vehicle
Name: price
visit: /api/statistics/price
Input: None
REQ-SI-007 Vehicle manufacturer vehicle statistics interface
Name: vendor
visit: /api/statistics/vendor
Input: None
REQ-SI-008 Vehicle City Vehicle Distribution Statistics Interface
Name: registration_area
Access: /api/statistics/registration_area
Input: None

REQ-SI-009 Interface for Statistics of Vehicle Exhaust National Standard Proportion
Name: national_standard
Access: /api/statistics/national_standard
Input: None

REQ-SI-010 Vehicle Age Percentage Statistics Interface
Name: age
Access: /api/statistics/age
Input: None
REQ-SI-011 Vehicle Mileage Price Distribution Statistics Interface
Name: mileage_price
Access: /api/statistics /mileage_price
Input: None
{"code":200,"data":[(11, 9),(3, 4.5)],"message":"获取里程价格车辆数据成功!"}

REQ-SI-012 Vehicle Age Price Distribution Interface
Name: tag_price
Access: /api/statistics/tage_price
Input: None
{"code":200,"data":[(11, 9),(3, 4.5)],"message":"获取年限价格车辆数据成功!"}

REQ-SI-013 The average price distribution interface of each manufacturer's vehicle
Name: vendor_average_price
Visit: /api/statistics/tvendor_average_price
Input: None
REQ-SI-014 The detailed vehicle data interface of the city where you are located
Name: City
visit: /api/statistics /city
input: your city

REQ-SI-015 crawler start interface
name: crawler
access: /api/crawler
input: none

REQ-SI-016 crawler stop interface
name: crawler
access: /api/crawler
input: none

REQ-SI-017 password reset interface
name: modify
access: /api/modify

REQ-SI-018 personal information modification interface
name: modify
access: /api/modify

3.3 Performance requirements

3.3.1 Operating environment

Category Standard configuration computer hardware CPU: Intel(R) Dual CPU T2390@a1.86GHZ RAM: 8GB software Operating system: Windows 10 software: 1, Python v3.82, Mysql v6.8

3.3.2 Stability requirements

This program is aimed at products developed by Internet users. The frequency of using the program is multiple times a day. The stability of the program is very important. It is necessary to ensure that the program can be accessed stably within 7*24 hours. Data collection must be performed stably and normally. The final result analysis is valid.

4. Acceptance verification standards

4.1 Acceptance checklist

·If there is no special instruction, the same icon has the same function. For example, the function of the icon button (return) is to return to the previous page. If the same icon has different functions, it will be pointed out separately.
· All control names or interface titles may change accordingly.

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Effect picture

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