HotDB's first batch of database passed the test and verification of Beijing National Financial Technology Certification Center

From May 27th to 28th, the "2021 4th China Financial Technology Development Conference", jointly organized by Beijing Financial Technology Industry Alliance and Mobile Payment Network and co-organized by Chongqing National Financial Technology Certification Center, was officially held in Chongqing .

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One of the important links of this conference is also the most focused topic in the industry as the localization trend continues to deepen. The first announcement was made at this conference. Tang Hui, deputy general manager of Beijing National Financial Technology Certification Center, officially announced "Introduction to the first batch of standard compliance verification results of distributed databases and financial application evaluation models". As a powerful backbone in the field of financial technology, HotDB, a distributed transaction data product, HotDB, based on years of practical experience and profound technical background in the financial field, and fully equipped with mature and stable financial-grade product characteristics, finally topped with excellent results. Passed the compliance verification test for distributed database standards of Beijing National Financial Technology Certification Center.

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The first batch of completed distributed database standard compliance verification test list

This verification test, from the lead unit, the lineup of industry experts participating in the test, the dimension, depth and test process of the test, is enough to show its rigor and great authority.
Based on the particularity of financial services, testing to meet the requirements of financial industry applications, covering the four dimensions of technical architecture, security technology, disaster recovery and performance, including basic capabilities, distributed transaction capabilities, high service availability, scalability, and intra-city/remote locations There are 15 categories including disaster recovery, OLTP transaction performance, etc., as well as 337 detection items, and they are required to strictly follow the industry standards for distributed database technology in financial applications issued by the People’s Bank of China in November 2020-"Distributed Database Technology Finance Application Specification Technical Architecture (JR/T 0203—2020), “Distributed Database Technology Financial Application Specification Security Technical Requirements” (JR/T 0204—2020), “Distributed Database Technology Financial Application Specification Disaster Recovery Requirements” (JR/ T 0205—2020) conduct objective and rigorous verification.
Under such a rigorous test environment, Repu Database still stands out, which is enough to illustrate the outstanding performance of the distributed transaction database HotDB product in the financial business scenario and its technological advancement.

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HotDB Smart Logical Topology

With the theme of "Financial Technology "Vibrate" at the Time", the conference will focus on topics such as financial technology supervision, post-epidemic development, technological innovation, and implementation results, and invite all parties in the industry to fully demonstrate the development of my country's financial technology.
As an outstanding member unit of the Beijing Financial Technology Industry Alliance, Repu Database is fortunate to contribute its scientific and technological strength to the tremendous development of my country's financial technology innovation and application.
"2021 is the closing year of the "FinTech Development Plan (2019-2021)" and the year when China's "14th Five-Year Plan" begins. After three years of development, China's financial technology innovation and application have achieved fruitful results. As of the end of February 2021, China's financial technology innovation supervision pilot projects have been publicly announced to the outside world, covering cutting-edge technology applications such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, 5G, and multi-party secure computing."
At the same time, it is a strong development of financial technology. As the facilitator and new technology enterprise, Repu Database shoulders the responsibilities of alliance members and corporate social responsibilities.
The development of the financial industry is the core of social development and is related to people's livelihoods and people's livelihoods. The "14th Five-Year Plan" and the outline of the long-term goals for 2035 clearly state the need to "steadily develop financial technology" and "accelerate the digital transformation of financial institutions", and the pace of digital financial transformation needs to be accelerated.
At the beginning of its research and development, HotDB used financial-grade features to polish its products. Its concept of "correct data, stable and reliable, extreme performance, and intelligent autonomy" satisfies the digital transformation needs of current financial customers. In the future, Repu Database will continue to strengthen its own construction, become a leader in the distributed transaction database industry, and unite upstream and downstream enterprises to promote the localization process; join hands with professional institutions such as Beijing Financial Technology Industry Alliance to be the forerunner of industry standards; actively explore and overcome The pain points of digital transformation of the financial industry will help smart finance and empower people's livelihood.