How to adjust the display error of the device channel page of the EasyNVR video platform

As industries such as finance and education begin to use traditional security cameras for live broadcast on the Internet and WeChat, this also means that the spring of the video surveillance live broadcast industry has come. Convert the video stream on the security camera or NVR into the commonly used RTMP, HTTP-FLV, HLS and other streaming formats for Internet live broadcast and then distribute it to the client for live broadcast. You can view the surveillance equipment through mobile communication equipment no matter where you are. The original intention and basic functions of EasyNVR Internet live broadcast system development and design.

EasyNVR background analysis 1.png

I have encountered the problem of incorrect display of the EasyNVR device channel page before, mainly due to the problem caused by the user's setting error. As some users still have this problem, I will tell you the solution to this problem again. EasyNVR clicks on the channel management, the channel list is not displayed, and the content of the video square is displayed:


Open the local environment and find that the channel management under normal conditions should be as shown in the following figure:


By asking the user, we learned that the version of the recently modified project has been changed, and the database file easygbs.db is directly copied to the new version folder. So it needs to be noted here that changing the version in this way is invalid, the new and old versions of the database are not compatible, so problems are prone to occur after the replacement.

We have two solutions to this problem:

Method 1: The old version of the data can be downloaded in the form of an EXCEL table through the download function on the web page, and then uploaded to the new version;
Method 2: For the new version, reconfigure the channel management, do not use the old version database.