How to increase salary by 15K in 2021? Understand this summary of the major Java interview knowledge notes, you have no problem

Judging from the current environment, the difficulty of successful job-hopping is much higher than in previous years. Summarize the feelings of the 2021 interview: both on one side and on the other side, it is a test of the technical skills of Java programmers! !

Recently, I have compiled a review of interview questions and interview questions and technical points for high-frequency interviews and combed them into a "Java programmers high-frequency interview analysis and knowledge point system notes.pdf (actually it took a lot more energy than expected ), including collections, JVM, concurrent programming, Spring, MyBatis, microservices, Redis, Dubbo, design patterns, data structures, distributed, etc.! Due to the limited space, in order to facilitate everyone to watch, here is a picture to show you each Part of the catalog and answer screenshots, the complete learning document is available for free at the end of the article!

The content of this Java interview analysis and knowledge point system document includes:

  • The Java chapter mainly includes the Java collection Hashmap, JVM, GC, lock, multithreading, concurrency, proxy, NIO, etc.
  • The MySQL database mainly includes indexes, B+ trees, and SQL optimization.
  • Distributed storage mainly includes Redis architecture related, MongDB
  • Distributed middleware mainly includes Kafka, RabbitMQ related interview questions
  • Microservices Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Dubbo articles.
  • System architecture design chapter, design the system according to several open topics.
  • Framework articles mainly include Spring MyBatis, SpringMVC, netty and RPC
  • Design patterns
  • Data structure and algorithm

If you feel that it is troublesome to draw a Java knowledge map by yourself, you can refer to the following. I roughly hand-drawn a knowledge network map below. (The Java knowledge system is huge. I used xmind to draw the map. The original text cannot be uploaded directly. The screenshot is as follows. Too much so that the picture is not clear enough, but can provide the original to share ☞☞☞  PDF original download )

In addition, regarding the interview questions, I personally think this "Notes on Java Programmer's High Frequency Interview Analysis and Knowledge Point System " is very good. It contains 25 topics and the entire 1000+ questions 50w+ word analysis, enough for you to brush to baldness:

Finally, there is the latest "Analysis of Java Intermediate and Advanced Core Knowledge Points" compiled in 2021. It is the most appropriate to find missing knowledge points and brush it. It contains the entire collection of 30 types of knowledge points:

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