How to move the live streaming room of EasyDSS to another server to push the stream to the new server?

As the push streaming server EasyDSS, we support many different forms of push streaming. You can form a desktop push stream through OBS, or you can push the stream directly through the push stream camera. In addition to these two push stream live broadcasts, EasyDSS also supports the existing ones. The live streaming is pushed to the new server, and the live streaming is formed in the new server, which also reflects a feature of EasyDSS's open interoperability.

EasyDSS architecture green.png

In this article, we will share how to migrate the live broadcast room of EasyDSS to another server and push the live broadcast to the new server.

1. We use the server in the EasyDSS live streaming room as the No. 1 server, and the new server as the No. 2 server. First copy the No. 1 database of the No. 1 server to the computer of this machine.


2. Get all online live session data through interface and put it in the 1.txt file, and take out the Id value separately.


3. Migrate the database by looking up the Id value as shown in the figure below.


4. Copy the database in the No. 2 server that needs to be migrated, select all the obtained data of No. 1 server, click the right mouse button to select the copy point insert copy.


5. Execute all insert statements in the No. 2 server database and paste them directly.


6. After the data migration is completed, replace the database.