I, a 35-year-old programmer, did this before leaving my job

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Sister Cha: Dear bosses, what are the precautions for resignation?

A certain group of friends: If you leave your job, who is going to hand over, just leave.
A certain group of friends: The same for me!
A certain group of friends: The same for me!
A certain group of friends: The minister agrees!

02:39 p.m.

Big guy: [email protected]#$#%99^, my colleague left in the morning and didn’t leave anything. Now I’m working overtime to fix the bug. I want to scold someone and wait online. I’m very anxious. @某群友, @某群友, @某群友.

Are you planning to resign, but do not know how to handle the resignation?
Have you been dismissed by a colleague who is about to leave, so you have no spleen (ru) or qi (lei)?
Are you working overtime late at night, dealing with the big pits dug by your former colleague and the big thunders buried

Then, this article is very suitable for you. Collect it and keep it useful ! , Even if you are not in the workplace, you will need it.

If you are leaving, please read this article

Recently, there has been a wave of resignations, and many programmers have begun to gear up to change jobs and raise their salaries.

As an older programmer who has left the pot and took over for 10 years, he can finally share his resignation precautions today.

Ready to work

The following items are recommended to be sorted out in advance, and all the materials involved are sorted out again.

Preparing these contents can greatly increase the speed of resignation and handover

Moreover, the process of combing can also allow oneself to review the gains in this company.

You can also see how they grow from a rookie to a non-rookie .

  1. Submit all your local code to the library;
  2. Organize technical documents in the work;
  3. Sort out database account passwords used in development;
  4. Organize the table structure;
  5. Organize server-related accounts and passwords;
  6. Organize various front-end and back-end test accounts that you have handled;
  7. Record address of each log of the sorting program;
  8. Organize the docking person of each module.

Source level

The source code layer mainly involves the source code, interfaces, timing scripts, project logs, etc. of the project.

  1. Completely submit the code passed by your unit test to ensure that the server version is consistent with your local version;
  2. Important code, add some comments, which will make the colleagues you handed over to give a thumbs up;
  3. Write interface docking instructions to let colleagues know how to dock, and it is best to mark the docking person;
  4. If there is a timing script, it must be listed and informed, this is easy to miss;
  5. System log, project log, tell the transfer colleagues how to view, after all, log is the most convenient way to troubleshoot errors.

Server and database

What is involved here is the content of account and password transfer, and it will involve the most core server deployment, database table structure, and the most important thing.

  1. Organize test environment, pre-launch environment, production environment database connection method, IP address, account number and password;
  2. Prepare a table structure description document for the handover colleague. If the company has more systems, give him a document on the relationship between each project and the database, and he will thank you;
  3. Since the second article has been done, check by the way whether there are uncommented library names, table names, and field names in the database, and do a good deed for colleagues ;
  4. Give him git or svn permissions and tell him the purpose of each branch;
  5. If you know the password of the server, organize a copy and provide it to the handover colleague. It is best to mark the various websites and services deployed in the server;
  6. If you need to configure HOST to access the server, please also organize a document;
  7. Organize a project release and online process to him, so that he can carry out his work later;

Docking people

The bigger the company, the more it needs to be organized, the personnel cannot be connected, and the work is difficult to start.

  1. Each project docking person, front-end docking person, back-end docking person, interface docking person;
  2. Product docking person;
  3. Test docking person;
  4. Operation and maintenance docking person;
  5. Inter-departmental docking person;
  6. If the project involves other companies, it is best to prepare an external docking person document.

Although the documentation is the last thing programmers like to write, since the handover has begun, let's sort it out. Of course, the more complete the better.

  1. Project architecture document;
  2. Coding specification document;
  3. Product requirements document;
  4. Test coverage document, unit test document;
  5. Project scheduling document;
  6. Flow chart, design framework diagram, architecture diagram;
  7. Documents of common system problems and solutions.


  1. Small program, the account and password of the official account are organized and provided to the colleague who is handing over;
  2. SMS package;
  3. Public paid resource account;

Clean up your work computer

The last step is to clean up your work computer. If you are using your own computer, this step is omitted.

  1. Clean up private files, QQ, WeChat receiving files, including account login information;
  2. Clear cookies and browser cache;
  3. Clean up browser favorites;
  4. Clean up downloaded files;
  5. Clean up hard disk storage files, if there is no system software, format operation can be performed;
  6. If you have the conditions, it is recommended to reinstall the system.

At last

  1. If possible, release a version of the code to the test environment for your colleagues;
  2. If possible, demonstrate the process of an API call for your colleagues;
  3. If possible, explain the development process for your colleagues;
  4. ...
Now that the resignation handover has begun, do it well. After all, after the official resignation, no one wants to be "harassed" by the former company's phone calls every day

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