If parents are still working hard, what is the meaning of our growth?

I. Introduction

I recently heard a more touching sentence- "If our parents are still working hard, then what is the meaning of our growth?"

Life is about possessing, losing, choosing, giving up, and regretting. Only when we lose can we know how unwilling to give up, whether it is for family or love.

Unconsciously, we have grown up from the ignorant little boy to an adult, hello, young man, there is a good saying, I hope you are like a child in the sun, and an adult in the wind and rain , but In the eyes of parents, no matter how old we are, you will always be a child. They can wash your clothes, cook for you, and care about you without asking for anything, because you are their son. But since when did we discover that our parents are also getting old without knowing it?

2. When did you discover that your parents were getting old?

I saw an article on the Internet before. The name of the article was "When did you discover your parents were getting old?" "There are many touching comments

  • When we found that the fonts in the parents’ mobile phones were adjusted to the largest size, we found that they still couldn’t see clearly.
  • When we had a disagreement with our parents, our parents no longer listen to me as they did before, and slowly began to adopt our opinions
  • When we suddenly found that our parents’ hair had white temples
  • When we find that the bodies of our parents are gradually no longer upright
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3. My growth

My hometown is located in a small remote village in the middle of Hubei. I grew up in the countryside. Although it is a small village, I still have a very happy life. What about fishing, digging out bird nests, fishing for lobsters, pounding honeycombs, anyway, when I was young I have played all the entertainment projects you can imagine. Except for a trip to the city and an hour’s bus ride, the villages are basically self-sufficient, and living a happy life. The following is a photo taken when the epidemic is at home. Photo.

This is when it snows in winter:

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I have two children in my family, my brother and I, and we are twins, so my parents have been very stressed since childhood. After all, the two boys, having said this, remembered a very interesting story. .

When my mother was pregnant with us. My dad: I want a daughter, because the pressure is not great. Later, during the birth check, I found that it was two children.
My dad: I hope it’s two daughters, but he was born with two boys. Although my dad hopes to be two daughters, he was very happy when he saw that we were born. The baby who was just born was sticky. Yes, my dad is a person who loves cleanliness. My mother said that he was not afraid of getting dirty at the time, and he hugged him when he was born.
Later, my mother joked: Don't you like boys? Let's send one away.
My dad said: send you away! Hahaha

Let me show you the photos of our twins when we were young. I can’t say that they are very similar. I can only say that they are exactly the same . The one smiling on the left is me. From this smile, you can see that I was very naughty when I was young. If we did good things when we were young, Neighbors may not believe it. Harm, who made us too naughty? Why burn all the grass the neighbors store for cows in winter, and deliberately stop the bus on the roadside, all kinds of pranks, it's very bad.

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Because we have two children, the pressure on parents to bring children is relatively high, so my brother and I took them separately when they were still learning Chinese. My brother was brought up by my parents, and I was brought up by my grandparents. Because they are all in the same village, there is no longer distance. In my impression, my mother would be a little harsher when she was a child. Although she has never experienced mixed doubles with her parents, she has played both. When I was stern and moved, when I was young, my dad would play the ladder game with us at night, using playing cards for you and me. If your current card is the same as the one above, then you can accept it. Although it was naive to go, it was still fun to play at that time. Now that I think about it, I still feel warm in my heart.

Grew up in a little bit later, after primary school, my parents went out to the field to work, because farming can not earn any money, so we become the kind of grandparents brought up children, poor children early masters , so a child I know that making money is not easy. I have the idea of ​​saving money very early. Very early I would go to catch centipedes, go fishing for lobsters, go to the ground to catch loach and rice eel, and go to scouring for lobster caves.

I remember once, with my friends from the village, I went to find a dry lobster hole in a pond. I dig out a lot of lobsters. I was happy, but my hair was muddy. Then when I came back, my grandfather used that kind of brush. The shoe brush, wash our hair.

At that time, the parents' income mainly came from the money from part-time work, and the money from the grandparents who farmed at home. They also provided for the two children to go to school. It was not easy for them to make money.

At this time, they are still working hard, and even harder later, because when the children grow up, they will buy a house and get married.

Four, my changes

Since we were young, our academic performance has been poor. I dare not say that I am the last one, but I will definitely be in the bottom few of the rankings. It was only in the third year of junior high that I took a little bit of care and took a not-so-good high school. It started from when I was in high school. , I slowly wake up and I have to work hard for what I have done. There are many many stories in the middle. I wrote an article, and everyone who is interested can check it out. I will not repeat it here—— "The Transition from Art Student to Programmer [My Story] ", although the final result is not very good, but it is not important to do everything to the fate, the result is no longer important, the process is very important to me, it lets me know , I should be a hard-working person, hard work will not deceive, come on! ! !

Although the high school worked hard, but the result was not very good. I went to a junior college. I originally had a bachelor degree in the city, but I didn’t want to be in the city. I wanted to go farther, so I applied for another city in the province. College, I remember that when I went to the university to report, my parents said that they would send me off. I gritted my teeth and said no, I can. At that time, I wanted to stay away from my parents. Maybe it was because my parents were not around since I was a child. I didn't want to be taken care of when we were older. To be honest, it was quite unreasonable to go there, because no one had been to a city this far since we were young. We were lucky at the time, and the bus took us directly to the entrance of the university.

Before they got to the dormitory, they called: "Yangyang, are you at school? Don't run around at school, don't conflict with others, eat on time, you know"
I thought to myself: "How old am I ? , I don’t know this anymore", so I dealt with a few words

The first thing I felt when I arrived at university was that I was finally free. It was so cool, I just did what I wanted.

Basically, I rarely call them at university. When they call, they will always ask about this and that. At that time, it will be very annoying. I hope they hang up sooner.

Later, I remembered that at that time, I was always just a child in their eyes, and still the object of their worries.

I remember another time my brother went to serve as a soldier. One year during the Chinese New Year, my dad listened to that kind of soldier song. I remember it was called "Green Flowers in the Army".
After listening, he asked me if I miss my brother. In fact, I don’t feel much. I just said: I do, I don’t know why, so I asked if you want to? For our parents, they are not very good at expressing their feelings.
But he said something: I also thought. After listening to this sentence, I felt very moved. In my eyes, they would not say such things. It was also from that time that they seemed to be a little dependent on us. . They seem to be slowly getting older.

During the summer vacation of university, I always wanted to go to work for summer vacation, but for various reasons, there was no such thing. Finally, I had an opportunity to recruit summer workers in the Huizhou factory, so I went without hesitation. It was really hard at that time. , I took a summer mat and went to sleep in the summer mat for more than a month. There were wooden boards underneath. Because I wanted to make some money at the time, some of my classmates went back if they couldn't hold on.

Ours is a paper mill, which belongs to the gift box type, so it’s common to be cut.

After returning home for more than a month, my mother saw how I looked and said why you are so thin and told you not to go, you must go, you look at you. I'm making some delicious supplements for you these few days, and my dad just stayed beside him and said nothing.

My father is a person who is not good at speaking. Maybe most of the fathers in the world are like this. On one side he is harsh and fierce towards you, but on the other side he will let my mother secretly stuff me money. My mother plays this role in the middle. A relationship that is relaxed in the middle may be different in the way parents love. It is not used for mother's delicate and gentle love. Father's love is like a big mountain. We always talk more about it, so sometimes we feel that my father doesn't seem to love me. Actually not. There is no parent who doesn’t love their children, it’s just that their way of expression is different.

The first time I saw my dad crying was when I accidentally broke my leg while skating in high school. At that time, they were in the morning store business and they had to go to bed very early because it was about 3 o'clock in the morning. When they got up, my brother called them. After they rushed over and said a few words about my brother, my dad took me to the hospital because the hospital was full, so he moved me to another hospital. On the road, I cried and said, "Dad, I'm sorry". My dad didn't say anything, but I could feel him crying. That was the first time I felt that I was too much. I always worried them and didn't make them do anything. I am proud. Obviously I told us before I left, we must pay attention to safety, but we still encounter such a thing.

I remember seeing a short video when I was very young. It was very short, but it hit the soul.

There is an advertisement that has touched countless people: a father with gray hair, suffering from "Alzheimer's disease", which is also known as "Alzheimer's disease."
One day, during lunch, the old man grabbed the dumplings on the table and hid them carefully in his pockets. He kept muttering to himself: "My son likes to eat dumplings."
Narrator: "He forgot everything, but never forgot to love you."

[Dumplings] My son loves this teary eye

The college grades were pretty good, probably because I was awakened from high school, and I learned that people must work hard and got scholarships for three consecutive years, and then I bought them a washing machine.

Five, now

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As time goes by, they are getting old, and they are still working hard, so what is the meaning of my growth? When we were young, they would shelter us from the wind and rain. When we grow up, they still shelter us from the wind and rain. So what did we learn when we grew up unknowingly?

Perhaps it is only when we truly become parents that we can truly appreciate the difficulty of being a parent. We are all beings in the masses, but we also have our own strength. We can work hard, make progress, and choose the path we want to fight for. , People live a lifetime, can’t just give up without doing anything, saying that life is too difficult, always have to live out their own splendor, even if we fail in the end, at least work hard, this time our growth will be more Significant.

Perhaps when we were young, we had big ambitions, I wanted to become scientists, and I wanted to become entrepreneurs. The ambitions and ambitions of our youth are now hidden deep in our hearts.

When I was young, I always thought of the law to ask for a little more pocket money from my parents (cheating money), and now I always say: It’s okay, we still have money;

when I was a child, I bought books or other things, the price was reported, and now I buy When things come back, they always tell them that they are not expensive. When they were aggrieved when they were

young, they would cry and complain in front of them. Now, no matter how much wronged things they suffered outside, they would digest them silently.

Although the current me may not make them proud, because the current me can be better and better. I believe that as long as we take every day seriously, we will eventually become the people we want to be and accomplish what we want to accomplish. The dream will also make our parents proud and can help them shelter from the wind and rain.

Without hunger and cold, my parents are worthy of me; without growth, how can I treat my parents? The attitude of others towards you when you were young. It depends on the abilities of your parents. When you grow up, the attitude of others towards your parents depends on your ability. May we work hard to keep up with the speed of our parents' aging.

I am a small farmer, and I am afraid of infinite truth, and there will be further joys. Come on, everyone!