Install and configure Redis in Windows for remote access

1. To achieve the goal

1.1. Install Redis-5.0.10 in Windows

1.2. Configure Redis for remote access

Second, the process of installing Redis on Windows

2.1, preparation content

①Redis download address:

②Download address of Redis visual management tool:

③Redis Reference Manual:

2.2 Steps to install Redis on Windows

① Download the Windows version of the Redis compression package and unzip it, as shown below;

②Modify the configuration file of Redis to achieve remote access

Note: If you do not need to implement remote access, ignore the following operations

③Use the super administrator to open the command line window, enter the decompressed Redis directory, and run the Redis service


For example, my Redis directory is [C:\Program Files\RedisServer\Redis-5.0.10], the operation is as follows:

Note: The network access window will pop up when you run the command to start the Redis service. You must select Allow, otherwise you need to configure the Redis port in the firewall to pass.

Third, verify whether the Redis installation is successful

3.1, download and install the Redis visual management tool

3.2. Check the IP address where the Redis service is installed

View Window's IP address command


3.3. Start the Redis visual management tool to connect to the remote Redis service