Install Redis on the pagoda panel in the Linux environment and test whether the installation is successful

Install Redis on the pagoda panel in the Linux environment and test whether the installation is successful

Install Redis on Pagoda Panel in Linux Environment

Install Redis service

  • Click Software Store -> Operating Environment on the Pagoda Linux panel, search for "redis" in the application search, and quickly locate and install the latest version of redis.

Configure Redis settings

The path for installing Redis on the Emm pagoda panel is mostly /www/server/redis, you can modify the Redis settings in the redis.conf file under this path! !

You can also modify the Redis settings directly in the pagoda panel! !


Configure bind to in the configuration file for monitoring

tips : If it is bound to, then all addresses on the machine can access the redis service; if it is bound to a specific ip, then only the specific ip can access the redis service.


Password requirepass in the configuration file (footbared by default), change to the password you want to set

The value of daemonize in the configuration file is set to yes, daemonize is used to specify whether redis should be started in the form of a daemon thread. By default, redis does not run in the background. If you need to run in the background, change the value of this item to yes.


The port corresponding to redis is released

  • The Alibaba Cloud server security group must also release a unified port

Install Php extension


After the above is no problem, restart Redis and the corresponding PHP.

Test whether the installation was successful

You can start and stop the Redis service on the pagoda panel


You can also use the command line in the background

  1. Determine whether the redis service is started
ps -ef|grep redis

Successful startup:


Did not start:


redis start

Enter the src directory under the redis installation path and execute the following command:

./redis-server &

Connect to redis server remotely

./redis-cli -h redis服务器IP -p 6379 (默认端口)

tips : If you only connect locally,


Test connectivity


redis off

The first

redis-cli -a 密码 shutdown

The second