Is it difficult to get started with Python? How to plan a learning route? No quality learning materials? Look here, you won't be disappointed! ! !

Is it difficult to get started with Python ? How to plan a learning route? Python is a cross-platform computer programming language.

Python is now widely used in various neighborhoods. The upward trend in recent years is very obvious, and the future development prospects are also very broad.

Now there are many friends who want to learn the Python programming language. Is it difficult to learn Python? How should we plan a learning route about it? Let's learn about it together.

  In fact, the Python language is relatively easy to learn. It has powerful functions and simple syntax. Compared with other languages, it is easier to learn. It is also a relatively simple programming language. It is called a glue language and is suitable for zero-based and beginners. Python is currently on the market. In terms of circumstances, the demand is very large, the salary is very high, and there are more jobs available.

For example: artificial intelligence, data analysis, scientific computing, web development, crawlers, game development, etc.

  Python learning route :

  First of all, you have to have self-confidence and have a clear learning purpose. Learning Python can solve the problems encountered in the use of software, and can add important weight to finding the ideal job. It can also exercise thinking and make our logical thinking more rigorous; can continue to enjoy the fun of innovation, and will be at the forefront of high-tech.

  When we first wanted to learn a programming language, we needed to find the corresponding kecheng on the Internet. There are many free Python basic kecheng to learn on the Internet. If you want to have a teacher's guidance, you can also go to peixun.

  Then you have to lay a good foundation. To become a good Python programmer, the most important thing is to master programming ideas. With thinking, we can comprehend by analogy. In learning, we don't have to wait until we fully understand everything before we start to practice. As long as we understand the outline, we must dare to experience it ourselves.

  In addition, to master programming ideas must be practiced and experienced in the actual programming work. Everyone has different ways of thinking, different perspectives, and each has their own brilliant tricks. Through communication, they can continuously absorb the strengths of others, enrich their programming practice, and help themselves improve. Doing program design by yourself is a good way to cultivate logical thinking.

Insert a learning route:

  Getting started with Python is not difficult, but it is very important to keep learning after getting started, which is relatively long. During this period, we should pay attention to develop some good programming habits. The quality of the programming style greatly affects the quality of the program. A good programming style can make the program structure clear and reasonable, and make the program code easy to maintain.

  As the saying goes, reading a book a hundred times makes sense. The same is true for programming. Only by typing more codes can you find a pattern. So the most important thing is to practice. No matter how many books and videos you read, there will be no effect if you don't code.

Interstitial learning videos and e-books:

Let's take a look at some of the basic knowledge that should be mastered in the basic stage of Python.

  1. Basic Python language
   Python core: Python data basic operations, sentences, containers, functions
  Python object-oriented programming: OOA, OOD, OOP, Tianlong Babu skills system framework design Python advanced: modules, packages, functional programming, files.

  2. Python advanced software development technology
       Linux operating system: Linux commonly used commands, editing tools, vim/Pycharm
  data structure and algorithms: linked lists, stacks and queues, trees and binary trees, search and sort
  IO network programming: file operations, byte stream reading and writing , Network protocol, socket, TCP/UDP
  concurrent programming: multi-process, process pool, process communication, multi-thread, thread lock, multi-task concurrency, IO model, Xiecheng
  Python regular expressions: regular expressions, greedy mode and Non-greedy mode,
       MYSQL basis of the re module : database application, SQL language, Mysql addition, deletion, modification, query, pymysql module

  3. Python Web full-stack engineer
   HTML/CSS HTML5 tags, CSS selectors, CSS style attributes and values
  Java: JS process control, DOM, BOM, JQuery API
  MySQL advanced: MySQL index, transaction, engine, optimization, pymysql module use
  PythonDjango framework: Django, templates, views, models, request objects, etc.
  Ajax Ajax, JSON, Jquery support for Ajax, cross-domain access

  Four, Python crawler
   Redis: Redis, string, hash, list, set, zset, Python combined with MySQL and Redis
  crawler, HTTP, BeautifulSoup, XPath, Scrapy

In fact, no matter what knowledge you are learning, you must have a clear understanding of the learning goals. Only in this way can we continue to move towards the goal, avoid detours, get continuous improvement from learning, and enjoy the process of python learning plan.

In fact, as long as you want to learn and be able to calm down and learn seriously, there is nothing difficult to learn, so if you want to learn python, don't hesitate and don't waste time to learn.

  Now that Python has such a good development prospect, it is worth our efforts. As long as we can persevere and study hard and turn programming into a hobby, Python will be easy to use. Be confident. There is nothing difficult in the world. If you are determined, you can seize the time to learn as long as you want to learn.

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