It is recommended to collect and search online tools and API low-code development tools for database table structure design

Zhihu Q&A

Someone asks on Zhihu: What kind of database design is excellent?

Then, I answered and continued to receive approval from many people.

Because I am not reviewing the rules and principles of database design from a theoretical point of view, but provide an online tool so that you can quickly find out how the database is designed in the vast number of outstanding open source projects, and can view the database online Designed table building statement and table structure field.

An artifact tool for online search database design

We manually collected, extracted and sorted out the MySQL database design encyclopedia from a large number of excellent open source projects, and provided it to developers through search and online sharing on the Goochuang Cloud low-code development platform.

Recommended collection, MySQL database design encyclopedia (no login registration required, direct online search):

Online search database table structure design

You can directly enter keywords to search for database table structure design. For example, shopping malls are now very commonly used.

In the search results, you can see all the table structure designs related to this keyword or item.

Click to view the table structure, you can see the design of a single database table structure, as well as the SQL statement to build the table. At this time, you can directly copy to the database software for execution, and you can get the line table structure.

In addition, you can also see the detailed design of the table structure, including: field name, field type, field default value, whether it is allowed to be empty, field description, index, sample data, etc.

The back is also very considerate to provide what you like, you can see all the supporting table structure design in the same project, it is really very convenient.

Find table field design online

If you need to find the design of a database table field, you can directly search for the name of the field.

Search the database table structure by label classification

If you need to search for a database design in a certain direction, you can also search quickly according to the organized tags.

So far, thousands of tables and tens of thousands of fields have been collected, and they are still being updated.

By referring to and directly using the table structure design of open source projects, the difficulty of database design can be simplified, and the gaps in experience can be filled, and there will be less pitfalls. Because the design of the database should pay attention to the integrity of the semantics and the model, but also consider the influence of the field type on the code development and the use of space storage, and a reasonable index can cope with higher traffic and improve the response time of the system.

API interface low-code development tool

The previous database table structure search can be used directly without logging in or registering.

It is suitable for projects that have a database server by yourself. You can create this table in your own database by copying the table structure and pasting execution. So for projects that don’t have a database, and independent developers who don’t even understand technology and need to use data API interfaces to implement their own business and develop their own projects, are there any better solutions?

The answer is: yes.

You can first register for a Goochuang Cloud account for free, and then click [One-click installation], so that the database table structure can be automatically created on your account. For example, the above mall-product specification value table structure, click install when logging in, and enter the model installation page. You can also modify it to your desired model name (Chinese) and table name (English).

After confirming, you can install this table structure to your account. You can also perform various management and adjustments, such as adding fields, changing fields, and deleting fields. You can also export the database table structure model and share it with others.

Later, you can also manage the data of this table online through the management background, and perform data operations such as data entry, view, deletion, export, import, and batch update.

Guochuangyun provides a general version of the data API interface for the database model, which can be used for business development and logic writing of various clients. The API interface is very rich and complete, and basically there will be all the interfaces that need to be used. For example, part of the interface document:

If you need to implement your own special business logic, you can also directly generate the data API interface you want online for online programming of cloud functions.

In the MyAPI function, select the database table you just created, and then select the API function.

You can generate interface cloud function code, secondary development, and online debugging.

After the generated API interface and interface document effect, you can officially call the API to develop your own business after publishing.

After the client calls the API interface, you can also see your interface call traffic, statistics and analysis on the Gochuang Cloud platform. For example, daily interface statistics:

There are pie charts, line charts, bar charts, etc. that may need to be used for chain comparison, year-on-year, and analysis.

Finally, there is a large screen for traffic, which allows you to view the status of your interface calls across the country in real time.