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Research Background

With the rapid development of the Internet, Internet technology has been used in various fields. Traditional sales and purchase methods have been unable to meet people's various needs for time and space. Therefore, shopping through the Internet has become a trend, such as: Clothing industry, electronic service industry, book industry, etc., so modern Internet technology is introduced into the shopping field to make up for the limited resources, tired walking, and high prices in the traditional shopping process, so that busy users can pass through more conveniently and quickly. Internet to save shopping time. The online jewelry store based on the SSM framework can satisfy users to select and purchase jewelry online through the network platform. The online jewelry store based on the SSM framework provides convenience for users and broadens the service platform for the jewelry industry.

1.2 Research significance

Jewelry is a necessity in people’s lives, and it is even more necessary for women. From the perspective of the university campus where we live, jewelry is an investment product that female students pay more attention to, and every time period, every user will have Many new jewelry needs to be purchased, so the construction of an online jewelry store based on the SSM framework is very necessary. The design of an online jewelry mall based on the SSM framework is undoubtedly a good thing for users and jewelry sales companies. For jewelry users, it has changed the traditional business transaction model, and there are no restrictions on the space and time of shopping, and it has improved The convenience and choice of shopping; for jewelry sales companies, the service model has been improved, the company’s reputation has been improved, the marketing market has been expanded, the number of users has been increased, the management process has been simplified, and the corporate image has been established. , The development of an online jewelry store based on the SSM framework is necessary.

1.3 Current research status at home and abroad

In recent years, with the popularization of the Internet, the marketing model of enterprises is no longer limited to traditional physical sales, but to conduct online and offline joint sales at the same time. More and more online shopping malls have appeared in our field of vision. , The online shopping system mainly realizes the low cost, high sales volume, and high efficiency of goods. For example, the hot shopping platforms such as Taobao and Pinduoduo in our lives. In the past two years, every Double Eleven, Double Twelve and other time periods will be According to statistics, the transaction volume has increased significantly during promotion. It can be seen that in addition to providing users with a convenient experience without leaving home, the online shopping platform also allows users to have a comfortable experience with value for money.

Abroad, the US jewelry industry ranks first in the entire e-commerce development field. According to surveys in recent years, about two-thirds of jewelry sales are obtained through online sales, and one-third are through online sales. An offline physical store is operated and sold. With economic growth, people’s demand for luxury goods has gradually increased, and the annual revenue of jewelry sales has increased by about 7 percentage points. From this point of view, the development of the jewelry industry has broad development prospects; people’s demand for jewelry is also More and more particular, according to the survey, the annual growth rate of jewelry revenue is about 7.7%; the exquisiteness of packaging has also become an important condition for users to choose jewelry, so during transportation, jewelry should not be damaged or deformed. It also provides room for improvement in the packaging of jewelry.

From a domestic perspective, jewelry sales have been in short supply in recent years. The exquisiteness and diversification of jewelry has driven the market demand for jewelry. The popularity of the Internet has accelerated market competition. In addition to the continuous changes in market demand, online sales Not only has it set off a trend in the jewelry industry, but it also has a good room for development. According to the survey, the income status of women in my country is directly proportional to the consumption of jewelry. Most of the women's income is used to buy jewelry. Various factors can indicate that the jewelry market has a broad space for development.

1.4 Research ideas

The design and implementation of the online jewelry store based on the SSM framework is mainly realized by the combination of Java technology and MySQL. In the early stage, it mainly searches for information and is familiar with Java technology and database software. In the later stage, the design and development of this subject will be carried out. The whole design process is mainly based on the needs of users. During the design process, the problems encountered in the system realization process are summarized, and solutions are explored. After the design is completed, run and debug.

1.5 The main structure of this article

The first chapter briefly describes the development background and research significance of the entire application system, gives a detailed explanation of the research status of the online jewelry store based on the SSM framework, and gives a rough overview of the overall thinking in the development process.

The second chapter explains the development environment and development technology used in the entire system development process from the three aspects of Java development platform, MySQL database and B/S structure.

The third chapter analyzes the requirements of the modules of the whole design and explains the details from the user's functional requirements and non-functional requirements, and summarizes the feasibility of the design.

The fourth chapter carries on the modular design to the whole design system structure, explains the development methods and main points of the jewelry sales system, describes the whole realization process of the system and the database design in detail, and draws the program flow chart of the system.

Chapter 5 is the overall implementation chapter of the system. It implements the modular functions of Chapter 4, shows the realization results of the design, and then introduces the characteristics of the interface and its main applications and operations step by step.

The sixth chapter tests the final design of the system, and summarizes and analyzes the error messages that are easy to appear in the process of system operation.

Chapter 7 is a summary of the entire design. By summarizing the problems encountered in the entire design process, it summarizes the problems that still exist in the entire design, and looks forward to these problems, and hopes to make up for them in the later improvement. These flaws.

1.6 Summary of this chapter

This chapter first discusses the research background and significance of the subject from the development status of the online jewelry sales system in recent years, the number of users and applicability of jewelry, and then a detailed description of the advantages of the online jewelry store based on the SSM framework. The summary of the article, followed by a brief description and work arrangement of the whole subject's inquiry thoughts and inquiry process, and finally the main structure of the whole article was planned.

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