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Research Background

The times are always advancing. The current era is a fast-developing era. In the busy life, people demand that office efficiency can be improved.

The generation system of gas meter maintenance analysis report is to improve office efficiency, save people's time, and save more labor. In this developed society, gas is indispensable in people’s lives. Therefore, the maintenance of gas meters has become an indispensable part of daily life. The generation system of gas meter maintenance analysis reports can quickly and conveniently generate gas meters. Data, and analyze and research it, and manage and store the data, saving a lot of manpower and material resources. With the rapid development of the information society, the response of the information age, the development and utilization of club member management systems are becoming more and more important.

Through the increasing maturity of the above-mentioned information management system and the situation of collecting information, the combination of the processing capacity of computer information and the integrity of the system will surely free people from the labor force.

1.2 The purpose and significance of development

With the improvement of the level of science and technology, the rapid development of electronic technology, and the arrival of the information age, many changes have taken place in all aspects of life. The production of various machinery makes people’s lives better and better, and the use of computer-generated data and information to carry out machinery Maintenance has become a very important technical means in modern times. The gas meter maintenance analysis report generation system can quickly generate data about the gas meter. By analyzing these data, you can quickly understand the fault location and problem of the gas meter, and then you can quickly repair the gas meter. In this advanced information age, efficiency is very important. Using the gas meter maintenance analysis report generation system can improve the efficiency of the company, which can provide the company with a good advantage among competitors in the same industry. At the same time, this gas meter maintenance analysis report generation system can also manage the generated data well, and can also perform data analysis from many dimensions to make the analysis results more accurate. The gas meter maintenance analysis report generation system is Enterprises have brought good work benefits and improved people's living standards. Therefore, it is very important and meaningful to develop a gas meter maintenance analysis report generation system.

1.3 Main work

It is necessary to make the generation and realization of the gas meter maintenance analysis report. It is necessary to master some commonly used computer technologies. The first step is to make an all-round analysis of this complete system without dead angles, including some of its common functions and analysis of some framework technologies. , Because it can be understood through system analysis, so it is an indispensable part for software development. In order to better execute this program, it is necessary to understand the development of this system and conduct basic research. . In the first step of research, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis of all the functions of the system and the related technologies used. You can search for related technologies on the Internet, or you can ask experienced people who have developed similar ones. In order to filter out more complete and better performance programs. It is also necessary to perform some simple analysis on the database. After analysis, I feel that MYSQL is more suitable for the development of this system. Finally, according to the division of functions and the connections between sub-functions, an ER diagram is designed, which provides a good way for the development of this system. conditions of.
   The next step is to analyze all aspects of the specific business for the generation and implementation of gas meter maintenance analysis reports to design a more simple business process. Taking into account the practicality of the system, this system uses JAVA technology combined with MYSQL technology to This system is developed. MYSQL technology is a relatively mature technology. It can store and process data faster. JAVA technology is more suitable for dynamic description of pages. You must know that the current JAVA technology and MYSQL technology are relatively mature. The combined use of the two must provide technical feasibility for this system, better data storage, and various performances are beyond doubt.

1. 4 Paper organization

The generation and realization of gas meter maintenance analysis report The writing of this paper is roughly divided into seven chapters to describe. First of all, the first chapter is the introduction, which mainly introduces the background and significance of the thesis research, the current situation of the research, the main work and the organization of the thesis. The second chapter is the introduction of development technology, which mainly introduces the introduction of JAVA, MYSQL database and html5 technology. The third chapter is mainly system analysis, which mainly introduces feasibility analysis, performance analysis and system processing flow. The fourth chapter is the analysis of functional modules, which mainly describes the system functions with a hierarchical diagram, and introduces each function in detail. Chapter 5 mainly introduces the interface of the system in detail and describes its functions. The sixth chapter is mainly for system debugging, to test the login function of this system. The seventh chapter is the summary and outlook, a detailed summary of the system and the outlook for the future.

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