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Background and significance

With the rapid development of Internet technology and the advent of the Internet age, Internet information will also change today's society. All walks of life are gradually converging towards standardization and networking in terms of daily management and other aspects. The degree of informatization based on the human resource management system is reflected in the application of the Internet and information technology to operation and management, and modern tools instead of traditional manual operations. Undoubtedly, the use of network information management makes the human resources of labor dispatch companies more advanced, more efficient, more scientific, and faster in information exchange.

The research based on the human resource management system is to better meet the needs of users and save time for users to achieve the goal of saving time and efficiency. Subverting the traditional information transmission mode, based on the human resource management system of Huaqiu Networks on the Internet, and can perform functions such as online direct information management according to their own needs, so that users can complete the details of the entire information without leaving home .

This thesis is based on the programs, databases and computer technology that are mainly involved in the human resource management system of Huaqiu Network Company. Covering a wide range of knowledge can greatly improve the work efficiency of personnel, increase the user’s ability to understand and control things, and cultivate users to study scientific methods, think independently, be aggressive, explore and innovate, and do a good job for future study and work. Good bedding.

1.2 Overview of research at home and abroad

With the continuous development of the domestic economic situation, the domestic Internet has entered a rare peak period of development, making Chinese and foreign capitalists have turned their attention to the Internet market. However, the unreasonable structure of many management areas, shortage of personnel, and the increasing demand for management in the market have made more people aware of Internet management.

Today with highly developed information, the reform of information management has become a broader and comprehensive trend. The "Design and Implementation of Human Resource Management System Based on Huaqiu Network Company" is implemented on the basis of Mysql database and JSP programming.

It is ensured that the service industry is still thriving in the continuous development of my country's economy and the increasingly updated information age.

1.3 Research content

This article first expounds the basic theoretical knowledge involved in the system, and then conducts a systematic analysis on this basis. System analysis is an indispensable part of platform development. Secondly, considering the feasibility of system implementation, in terms of software, I chose the more popular JSP technology to design the development management platform, and use Mysql data information to query and store data. Since JSP and Mysql are both very mature development tools, there is no doubt in terms of security, availability, and reliability.

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