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Background and significance

Zhongyue Puxiang (Qinhuangdao) Tinplate Industry Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established by Guangnan (Group) Co., Ltd., invested and controlled by the Guangdong Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and South Korea's Puxiang Iron and Steel Company. Among them, Guangnan Group holds a major share, and South Korea's Puxiang Iron and Steel Company provides production lines, technical support and management models.

South Korea's Puxiang Iron and Steel Company is one of the world's top 500 companies and the top three steel production companies in the global steel manufacturing industry. It provides more than 26 million tons of steel products to users in more than 60 countries around the world every year. The corporate management model has been used for reference by many companies around the world.

Zhongyue Puxiang (Qinhuangdao) Tinplate Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of tinplate (tinplate) and chrome plated steel. Tinplate, also known as tinplate, is mainly used in the food packaging industry. At present, it is widely used in beverage packaging (Lulu, Pepsi, etc.), food packaging (canned food, milk powder, etc.), gift box packaging (moon cakes, chocolate, etc.), material packaging (paint, architectural coatings, etc.). Chrome-plated thin steel plates are mainly used in anti-rust metal shells (kitchen and bathroom supplies, building decoration, etc.).

How to develop a highly practical sales process and report system is a huge problem that designers need to deal with. Through the designer's in-depth understanding and analysis of the sales process and report system, this article mainly analyzes the sales process and report system from three aspects: data structure, functional sections and practicality, and proposes the design of the sales process and report system. The scientific theoretical basis and the method of realization.

1.2 Main tasks of the subject

This subject develops and implements the following three modules based on a thorough understanding of the sales process and report system requirements research;

Customer management: According to sales volume and cooperation time, customers can be divided into 4 levels: new customers, old customers, strategic partners, and lost customers; salespersons manage their customers through the system, and business managers can view all customers in this area; After the customer meets the upgrade conditions, the system prompts the salesperson whether to upgrade the customer.

Order management, contract management: salespersons can use the system to implement the process of signing and reviewing the agreement, signing and reviewing the contract. And related to the inquiry and management of advance payment. Among them, strategic partners have the special authority to exempt prepayments.

Pick-up and delivery management: For the goods that are completed through the production process, the salesperson will conduct the pick-up approval process, carry out the delivery of the goods, and the recovery of the balance. Among them, strategic partners have the special authority to prioritize allocating goods. This is the main task of this subject.

1.3 The research content of this article

This article is mainly divided into seven chapters. The first part is the preface, which mainly introduces the subject background, research significance, subject research methods, technical routes, and the main content of this article.

The second part is an introduction to related technologies, which mainly introduces JSP technology, B/S and MVC frameworks, and MYSQL database.

The third part is system analysis, which mainly introduces project planning, feasibility analysis, characteristics of website design, overall planning of system design, operating environment, etc.

The fourth part is system design, which mainly carries out system architecture design, functional module design, etc.

The fifth part is the detailed design of the system, which mainly introduces the detailed design process of the system.

The sixth part is system debugging and testing, which tests the system.

The seventh part is the summary and outlook, mainly summarizes the work of this article and expands the further work.

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