Jointly build a domestic cloud ecosystem, Jushan Database and Huayun Data have completed product mutual certificationJoin hands to build a credit creation ecology, Jushan Database and Chinasoft Rongxin completed product mutual certification

A few days ago, the product compatibility testing and certification work carried out by Guangzhou Jushan Software Development Co., Ltd. and Huayun Data Holding Group Co., Ltd. was successfully completed. After joint testing by both parties, the SequoiaDB v3.4 software and the domestic universal cloud operating system An Chao OS 2020 can run stably and be compatible with each other, and can provide enterprise-level customers with more comprehensive data support.

With the continuous development of new-generation information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence, the growth of data volume has accelerated, and the continuous improvement of the security and controllability requirements of the IT system by enterprises has made enterprises put forward new requirements for database architecture. The native distributed database engine of Jushan Database based on the "integrated lake and warehouse" architecture supports flexible expansion, engine-level multi-mode, and multi-cloud deployment capabilities. It has been applied online in the production and business scale of more than 100 large banks and financial institutions.

The cloud era has come, and the deep integration with cloud technology has brought a huge impact on the development of distributed databases. The SequoiaDB Cloud released by Sequoia Database in May this year can assist customers in implementing distributed database management across multiple clouds. Customers can freely choose cloud service providers with different architectures and brands to avoid binding. SequoiaDB Cloud manages SequoiaDB distributed database resources on multiple cloud platforms at the same time through a visual web interface, from online to offline, forming a cross-cloud hybrid cloud database architecture. Through the convenient management method of SequoiaDB Cloud, you can deploy distributed databases, establish multi-mode engines, expand on-demand nodes, cross-center scheduling, backup restoration, fuse disaster recovery, etc. without complex command line and API operations. Fully managed.

The domestic general-purpose cloud operating system Anchao OS 2020 is a horizontally expanded software integrated infrastructure cloud operating system, including cloud management platform, software-defined storage (ArStor), software-defined computing (ArCom), software-defined network (ArNet), Software defines functions such as security. Virtualization software can abstract and pool underlying resources, and dynamically allocate them to applications running in virtual machines or containers. It is the smallest set of software-defined data center (SDDC) architecture, with software and hardware decoupling, application optimization, Supports features such as mixed business loads. Anchao OS 2020 provides enterprises with a high-performance, high-availability, high-efficiency and easy-to-install and maintain IT infrastructure platform, accelerates the process of cloud migration for governments and enterprises, and provides a complete one-stop cloud operation for enterprises to promote the digital transformation of enterprises System platform and ecological solutions.

As a leading distributed database manufacturer in China, Jushan Database has successfully completed compatibility with the products of China's cloud computing unicorn Huayun Data. It can better use cloud technology to achieve large-scale, high-performance, agile infrastructure and multi-tenant Features such as sharing mechanism effectively expand capabilities that cannot be achieved by distributed databases under traditional conditions, further satisfying the high availability and high concurrency requirements of enterprises, and improving product stability and security.

At the critical moment of economic digital transformation, Jushan Database adheres to the mission of "cultivating data fertile ground and enhancing the value of data", and unites upstream and downstream ecological partners to give play to their respective advantages to jointly promote the accelerated integration of industry and informatization, and drive users' digital transformation and upgrading .

About Giant Sequoia Database

Jushan Database actively participates in the ecological construction of the Xinchuang industry and is the leading distributed database product in the Xinchuang ecosystem. The company focuses on the research and development of a new generation of distributed database technology. Based on the 100% self-developed core "lake and warehouse integration" architecture, the company has deeply cultivated the fertile soil for enterprise-level data, and is committed to building an enterprise-level service team. A remarkable achievement.

At present, SequoiaDB, with the financial industry as the core, has been applied online in the production and business scale of more than 100 large banks and financial institutions. The application scope includes: core transactions, data center, real-time data services, content management, etc., and it has been widely used. Used in securities, insurance, telecommunications, government, Internet, transportation and other fields, the total number of enterprise users exceeds 1,000.

About Huayun Data

Founded in 2010, Huayun Data provides users with innovative private cloud architecture, full-stack modular software-defined data center suites, hybrid cloud management solutions, built-in universal cloud operating system hyper-converged suites, and one-stop public cloud services Etc., and actively participate in the construction of national digital infrastructure projects to help the digital transformation of party, government, military and corporate users, and promote the innovative development of national information technology applications. At present, Huayun Data has created industry benchmark cases in more than a dozen industries including government finance, national defense and military industry, education and medical care, energy and power, and transportation, with a total of more than 300,000 customers.

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