JSP Electric Vehicle Maintenance Management System

Electric vehicle repair is something that will inevitably appear after electric vehicles are used to a certain extent. Therefore, the electric vehicle maintenance management system is an indispensable part of the electric vehicle sales industry. Its content is both for managers and technical workers in the maintenance department. It is very important, so the electric vehicle repair system should be able to provide users and workers with sufficient information and quick inquiry methods. However, people have always used traditional manual methods for management and recording. This management method has many shortcomings, such as low work efficiency and long time, which will waste a lot of files and data, which brings about search and settlement. There are a lot of difficulties, but the electric vehicle maintenance management system on the one hand helps the maintenance personnel of these electric vehicles to better manage the maintenance information of the electric vehicles, on the other hand, it can facilitate customers to more conveniently understand some historical problems that have occurred in their electric vehicles. , It has the characteristics of convenient query, more scientific and efficient management.

The development tool of this subject can use MyEclipse, the development language can be Java and other development languages, and the back-end database can be MySQL.

The basic functions of the system include employee information management, parts information management, purchase information management, maintenance information management, dispatch management, password modification and other functions.

Functional structure diagram of electric vehicle maintenance system

Functional structure diagram of electric vehicle maintenance system

The electric vehicle maintenance system is divided into two parts: administrator and employee. The specific functions are as follows, as described

Administrator part function description

1: Employee information management, the administrator can manage all employee information in their own electric vehicle maintenance department

2: Accessory information management, the administrator can manage all internal accessory information

3: Purchase information management. When the parts of the maintenance department are insufficient, the administrator will purchase the corresponding parts to increase the inventory of the parts

4: Maintenance information management, when the electric vehicle in question is sent, the administrator will register the electric vehicle

5: Dispatch management, the administrator assigns different employees to repair the electric vehicle according to the problem

6: Modify the password, the administrator can modify his own personal password

Employee part function description

1: View dispatched workers, employees can view the maintenance tasks assigned to them by the administrator

2: Maintenance processing, the employees perform maintenance on the maintenance tasks assigned to them and make corresponding records

3: Modify password, employees can modify their own personal password