JSP Flower Market Management System

Flowers are the most sought-after part of people’s lives. A beautiful flower can make people feel refreshed. Flowers can not only delight people's mood, but also purify the air. It is a must-have item for many homes. People buy flowers first Flower market, most flower markets are under manual management mode, which is very inconvenient, and it is impossible for administrators to know the remaining quantity and sales of flowers in a timely manner, in order to allow managers to better manage the flower market , We developed this system. This system mainly realizes user login, shop information management, flower information management, announcement information management, sales information management, rules and regulations management, customer reporting, password modification and other functions.

The JSP flower market management system is developed by JAVA language, the development tool is MyEclipse, the database uses MYSQL, and the server is TomCat

Functional structure diagram of flower market management system

Functional structure diagram of flower market management system

The flower management market is divided into two roles, administrators and shop users. The specific functions are as follows

Administrator part function description

1: Store information management, the administrator can manage the corresponding store information, the store is the smallest management unit in the flower market

2: Flower information management, the manager of the flower market can manage the flower information of all shops in the market

3: Announcement information management, the administrator can publish announcement information in the flower market to facilitate the store to know

4: Sales information management, management personnel manage and view the flower information sold in the shop

6: Rules and regulations management, managers can publish the internal rules and regulations of the flower market

5: Customer reports, when a shop is currently making false transactions or violating the management system of the flower market, it can be punished and managed

6: Modify the password, the manager can modify his own personal password

Part of the shop function description

1: View the announcement, shop users can view the announcement information released by the administrator

2: Flower management, shop users can manage all flower information in their shop

3: Sales management, the shop manages the sales information of flowers in its own shop

4: Check the rules and regulations, shop personnel need to be familiar with the internal rules and regulations of the flower market to restrict their sales behavior

5: Punishment management, when shops have improper sales or other violations of rules and regulations in the flower market, they need to accept relative penalties

6: Modify the password, the shop can modify its own personal password