JSP kindergarten management system

Toddlers are the flowers of the motherland and the successors of future nation-building. If the kindergarten can better manage the interior of the institution is a concern of many parents and kindergarten staff. To this end, I developed a kindergarten management system, so that parents and the management staff of the institution can better communicate, so as to achieve a better training of children and allow parents to better understand their children’s life and education issues.

This project uses software engineering principles and adopts an object-oriented programming method. Its development mainly includes the establishment and maintenance of back-end database and the development of front-end application programs. It realizes the automation, information and graphics of kindergarten management. This system mainly realizes teacher management. , Child information, announcement information, pickup information, financial management, food viewing, daily performance management, online communication, system settings and other functions.

The JSP kindergarten management system is developed by JAVA language, the development tool is MyEclipse, the database uses MYSQL, and the server is TomCat

Functional structure diagram of kindergarten management system

Functional structure diagram of kindergarten management system

The realization of the kindergarten management system greatly improves the efficiency of the kindergarten information management. It is mainly divided into three modules: the administrator module, the teacher module and the parent module. The specific functions implemented are as follows:

Administrator module

1. Account management function: The administrator can manage all account information.

2. Password management function: The administrator can manage the passwords of all accounts.

3. Financial management function: the administrator can publish and delete financial information.

Teacher module

1. Query child information function: query some basic information of the child in the class, including age, gender, parent's name, contact information and other information.

2. Meal publishing function: publish daily food information to facilitate parents to understand their children's diet information.

3. Children's daily performance release function: manage each child's daily performance (attendance, class, eating, sleeping), so that parents can understand the child's school learning and living conditions.

4. Announcement function: Teachers can publish some announcement information, including announcements on children's physical examinations and parent meetings.

5. Online communication function: Teachers can send some messages to parents, and process parents' messages, and communicate with parents online in time.

6. Password modification function: Teachers can modify their own personal password.

Parent module

1. Check children's information function: mainly check the information of your child's registration in the school.

2. Meal view function: View the food information of children at school every day.

3. Check daily performance function: Check some daily performance of your child in school.

4. Announcement browsing function: Parents can browse announcement information.

5. Online communication function: Parents can send some messages to the teacher, and communicate with the teacher online in time.

6. Password modification function: Parents can modify their personal password.