Jsp+MySQL Student Status Information Management System

There are three main access rights to the school status information management system for middle school students. The first is the administrator. The administrator is the administrator of all functions of the entire system. It has the authority to manage subjects, classes, teachers, student registration information, class schedules, student physical fitness, and educational affairs announcements, and can add, delete, modify, and check all the above information. ; The teacher role has the authority to view educational administration announcements and modify the grades of students in the corresponding classes of the subjects taught; for students, students have the authority to view personal school status information, class schedules, personal grades, physical fitness, and educational administration announcements, without modification Permission of the above information. At the same time, the function for the administrator to export all student status information has been added.

This website uses Java as the development language, Eclipse as the development tool, and selects MySQL to design the database.

Student registration information management system login interface

In order to enable the system administrator to better manage the information in the student status information system and the permissions of each role, the system administrator should have the following permissions:

(1) The system administrator can add, delete, modify and query grades, classes, teachers and students' school status information, and make these information dynamic management and maintenance, to ensure the correctness and consistency of the information in the database. It can ensure the safety and accuracy of the system.

(2) The administrator can manage the subject modules. The subject management module contains the subject ID, course code, course name, and the administrator can add, delete, modify and check each subject.

(3) The administrator can perform various operations on the class management module. First, enter the class management module. The administrator can add new classes, enter the class ID, grade, and class name, and can modify and delete existing classes. , You can also query the student information in a specific class. In addition, the system administrator can enter the class name in the search box on the home page to quickly query the corresponding class.

(4) The administrator can manage the teacher module. First, you can add a teacher, and enter the user name, login password, real name, and subject of the new teacher at the same time. You can modify and delete the existing teacher information. Quickly find the renamed teacher by querying the real name of the teacher.

(5) The administrator can operate the student status information management, add student status information, add student ID, password, name, gender, grade, class, hometown, date of birth, contact information and the student’s photo. At the same time, students' rewards and punishments can be added. In addition, family members' information (name, gender, relationship with the person, age, work unit, contact information) can be added. You can also modify and delete the student status information of the learned society. If you need to find a student quickly, you can enter the name of the renamed student in the query button above. At the same time, you can enter the grade, class name, name and login name of all students Export in the form of a table for easy viewing.

(6) The administrator can manage the class schedule of each class. In this module, the class, class name and operation will be displayed. In the operation column, click to enter the management of the corresponding class schedule for the next semester, click on the class schedule Management, you can modify the courses corresponding to one week of the semester, you can select the course corresponding to each lesson through the drop-down list, and you can open the timetable by viewing the timetable for the corresponding semester.

(7) The administrator can manage the physical fitness module of the students, and can modify the height, weight, blood pressure, blood type, vital capacity, family history, and disease of the students in the module, and add the contact information of the school and hospital for the convenience of the students. Consult a doctor according to your physical condition in time.

(8) The administrator can manage the educational administration announcement, add the educational administration announcement, add the educational administration announcement title, and enter the educational administration announcement content. After submission, the release time will automatically appear in the home page of the module, and the administrator has the authority to modify, delete and view existing educational administration announcements.

Administrator operation part of the interface

For the teacher role, there are two types of permissions, which are as follows:

(1) Teachers can view the educational administration announcement, click to view the specific content of the educational administration announcement.

(2) The teacher can enter and modify the grades of the corresponding class of the subject taught by the teacher, click to enter, and the grades of each student in the corresponding class of the subject taught by the teacher will be entered, which are the results of the first semester and the second semester. Clicking on the score operation will enter the entry of specific student scores. After entry, click Submit to complete. At the same time, you can click Send SMS to send the specific results directly to the student, so that students can know their results in time.

Teacher part operation interface

Teacher part operation interface

For student roles, except for the operations that can modify their own login password, students can only view other information modules and cannot make any changes, as follows:

(1) Students can view the school's educational administration announcements like teachers, and click to view announcements to view the specific content of the announcements.

(2) Students can view their own status of student status, click on the status of student status information module, personal student status information will be displayed in the form of a table, including student ID, name, gender, (personal photo), ethnicity, grade, class, hometown , Date of birth, contact information, and the individual's rewards and punishments. At the same time, the name, gender, age, relationship with the individual and the work unit of the individual's family member will also be displayed.

(3) Students can check their class schedule, click to enter, and the class schedule for the next two semesters will appear. Click to view the class schedule, and students can check the schedule of the specific semester. There will be specific courses for each class from Monday to Friday. Shows the name of the teacher who taught the course.

(4) Students can check their physical fitness status, including their height, weight, blood pressure, blood type and vital capacity, as well as their family history and whether they have any diseases, and can check their health status in time through the school hospital’s contact information Consult a doctor.

(5) Students can check their own grade status, click to enter the grade query module, all grades of all finished courses in this academic year will be displayed, and the corresponding course number and course name will be displayed. At the same time, the existing grades of a semester can be checked separately.

(6) Students can modify their own login password by entering the original password, then entering the correct password, and then entering the new password again. If the original password is correct, the new password can be changed, otherwise the password change will fail.

Student part of the operation interface

Student part of the operation interface