JSP subject competition management system

As our subject competition is the practical application of the theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom, it is a competition to examine the basic theoretical knowledge of the subject and the ability to solve practical problems. It is one of the signs of the quality of talent training in colleges and universities. It is the cultivation of knowledge-ability- An important way for the coordinated development of quality of innovative and high-quality talents also plays an important role in promoting the style of study and employment of colleges and universities

This system mainly realizes the functions of user login, user management, announcement management, event management, registration management, score management, password modification, etc.

The development tool of this subject can use MyEclipse, the development language can be Java and other development languages, and the back-end database can use MySQL

Functional structure diagram of subject competition management system

Functional structure diagram of subject competition management system

The system is mainly divided into three modules: administrator module, contest leader module and student module for development. The front page uses JSP dynamic pages. JSP has great advantages over ASP and PHP; Mysql database is used as a back-end database, easy to install and use, easy to operate, and the system uses JSP for development, which requires stability and security. Very strict to meet the different needs of users.

The system realizes the following functions:

Administrator module

1. Account management function: manage the account information of all teachers and students in the system, including information entry, modification and deletion;

2. Announcement management function: review, delete and other management operations on the introduction of the event released by the person in charge of the event and related announcements of the competition;

3. Information modification function: modify the administrator's personal account information.

Contest leader module

1. Event introduction function: introduce event information over the years, including game introduction, organizer, game time and other information;

2. Announcement function: release announcements such as registration information, pre-match training information, and notification of competition time;

3. Registration screening function: screening students who have registered, and disqualifying students who do not meet the requirements;

4. Post score function: announce the competition score information to all participating students;

5. Information modification function: modify personal account password.

Student module

1. Browsing information function: you can browse all announcement information;

2. Query game function: you can view all the currently released games;

3. Registration function: online registration for published events;

4. Results query function: query the results of the competitions you have participated in;

5. Information modification function: modify personal password information.